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Solomon Mahlangu Remembered

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image: Solomon Mahlangu

Today , South Africans across the country are commemorating the life and legacy of Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu who was a South African freedom fighter, struggle activist and operative of the ANC militant wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe.

He was convicted of murder and hanged in 6 April 1979 by the Apartheid Government. He was the youngest to be hanged. Before going to the gallows he said: “Tell my people that I love them and that they must continue the fight, my blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom, Aluta continua.”

Today, Solomon Mahlangu is commemorated as a hero of the revolutionary struggle in South Africa and his short life represents the courage of young people who fought the cruelty of the apartheid system .

Here are some of the posts on social media (Facebook and Twitter) under #solomonmahlangu:


“On this occasion of the 42nd anniversary of your killing, I have to, albeit with great difficulty and grief, ask myself:

1. What really did you die for?

2. Was your death in vain?

Phephi, mora Mahlangu. Our generation is betraying your legacy, empa re tla lla re ya pele. We will remain true to the principle you died for. You continue to inspire us not to be intimidated by the system, even in its current form! – Tiisetso Makhele “


National Party Apartheid Leaders are yet to be arrested for their Crimes Against Humanity and #SolomonMahlangu…#ArrestDeKlerk NOW! – Dudu Zuma


Today, 42 years ago, on 6 April 1979, #SolomonMahlangu was executed. He was only 22 years old. The youngest #MK member taken to the gallows by the apartheid regime. We remember this courageous hero, & rededicate ourselves to the full liberation of our people. A LUTA CONTINUA! – Carl Niehaus


Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu died on this day after being sentenced to death by judge CDJ Theron. Solomon appealed his sentence in the supreme court and judge Ramon Leon (Tony Leon’s father) turned down his appeal. Solomon was sent to the gallows. Lest we forget. #SolomonMahlangu – AdvoBarryRoux


Oh the 6th of April 1979 they hung #SolomonMahlangu to death.

His spirit multiplied in the youth of South Africa, his spirit provokes the moment where politicians are cosy and rhetorical while the youth are unemployed and the doors of learning are shut.

His spirit lives on! – @MightiJamie


The same traitors and infiltrators who voted with the DA in parliament to attack a chapter 9 institution while representing the ANC, are the same traitors singing Solomon Mahlangu’s praises today . – @velingobese_ZA


It’s very sad that People like #SolomonMahlangu and Many Others died Fighting for Our Land only to have People like Ramaphosa, Mmusi, Mashaba begging to be Loved by Jan Van Riebeeck and De Klerk ‘s Nation who never loved us. – @54Battalion


#SolomonMahlangu the struggle for BLACK dignity long sold out by ANC askaris. Today they sleep on the same bed with imperialists. #LongLiveKalushi ✊🏾 – @jozzzyj


I really feel like we haven’t done much to honor words by Solomon Mahlangu “tell my people that I love them and they must continue the struggle ” if I’m wrong then why am I still seeing whites oppressing us…..racists still living freely in our land #SolomonMahlangu #Apartheid – Andile LawsoN



It is sad how his blood is nourishing the pockets of the mafias claiming to be the heroes of the strangle. Using his name for emotional blackmail in favor of winning the votes, but one day we will be free from our own black leaders – @BlondieThamaga



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