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YCLSA concern over ANC North West factions

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By Thys Khiba

Mahikeng – The Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) in the North West province are concern over, what they call institutionalised factions which are preventing the African National Congress (ANC) and government from running effective and smooth in the province.

“Factions in the North West Province, which are most rife in regions and bear names such as ‘N12’, ‘Tsetsepela’ and are so well organised to the extent that they have enormous influence on the government and its procurement systems,” said YCLSA Provincial Secretary, Tsietsi Letsebe.

YCLSA Provincial Secretary Tsietsi Letsebe
YCLSA Provincial Secretary Tsietsi LetSebe

According to the YCLSA, the mentioned factions within the ANC in the province are using and marganalising young people, which are refusing to be part of their faction. The YCLSA says that the mentioned factions are not beneficial to those governing party in the province.

“The real question is to whose benefit are these factions operating? These factions are not operating for the benefit of the movement nor the people. They operate for the benefit of the political masters that lead these factions,” said Letsebe.

The YCLSA continued to say that it is time that the ANC should confront corruption that is taking place in the province.

“The YCLSA in the province believes that it is time that the ANC led Alliance must confront corruption head on, we make a clarion call for a lifestyle audit starting with all municipal managers, supply chain officials, department officials, directors that are living beyond their means and political heads from mayors, and MECs,” said Letsebe.

Meanwhile, the YCLSA welcomed the appointment of the new Premier elect, Kaobitsa Bushy Maape by the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC).

The youth-led political organization hopes that Maape will resolve problems of service delivery, unemployment and poverty.

“As a structure representing the youth we will engage the new premier to let him know of the matters affecting young people and also suggest solutions. Our message to the Premier elect is that, with great power comes responsibility and we hope that he will work well with the youth, communities and the ANC led alliance in the province,” said Letsebe.

The North West Legislature Speaker, Sussana Dantjie presided over the swearing in of Maape as the new Member of the Provincial Legislature on Wednesday.

“Hon. Maape was sworn in accordance with Section 107 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, which states that before a Member of a Provincial Legislature (MPL) begins to perform their functions in the Legislature, they must swear or affirm faithfulness to the Republic and obedience to the Constitution in accordance with Schedule 2,” said Head of Office of the Speaker Tebogo Chaane.

Maape was sworn in to fill in the vacant seat of the African National Congress (ANC) that Prof Job Mokgoro, the former Premier of the North West Province left after serving his resignation letter as MPL last month.

“I appreciate that the ruling party has taken confidence and entrusted me with this opportunity to rightfully serve the people of the North West Province”, said Hon. Maape.


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