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Speaking at the African National Congress (ANC) 110th celebration in Fezile Dabi region at Kwakwatsi Hall in Koppies, the Department of Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (Destea) MEC and ANC Interim Provincial Committee (IPC) member Makalo Mohale said in their efforts to renew and unite the ANC, people and voters must view it as their hope.

Opinion by Tiisetso Makhele:
PART 1: Makalo Mohale

  1. Since birth, I have always been known to be frank and robust, and have never been shy to raise views. I have amassed both friends and foes through my frank, and sometimes brutal tongue or pen. I am not intending to stop that character, at least until I die.
  2. The below is my view, ha ke reke sefahleho.
  3. I have known Cde Makalo for over 2 decades. When he arrived at the University of the Free State I was about to complete my studies. He demonstrate leadership qualities even at that stage. He became a string student activist, and it is not a surprise to me that today he is one of the senior leaders of the ANC and government in the province. In fact, I am still of the view that he is underutilized but this is a topic for another day.
  4. Cde Makalo is an agent of change. When he arrived as leader of the Economic Development portfolio in the FS Executive Council, he quickly turned this around.
  5. The development of the FS Integrated Local Economic Development and Transformation Bill is an historic act. It shows serious ambition to change the status quo.
  6. No leader must be comfortable to sit in a portfolio for 5 years, just to cut ribbons and pose for cameras, but a leader must show ambition to advance the National Democratic Revolution, in whatever capacity, and Cde Makalo has done just that.
  7. Cde Makalo is a revolutionary, for it was Cde Che Guevara who said a revolutionary must be inspired by feelings of love. This man loves and cares for people. Nowadays, when leaders ascend into offices, they even forget the names of those that were in the trenches with them, opting for new friends, but Cde Makalo is not like that.
  8. Cde Makalo is an astute scholar, and believes in the power of science. He is not propelled to speak just for the sake of speaking, rather opting to make an input when he has thoroughly thought about such. In short, he rejects common-sensical logic, but organic and revolutionary science. This is what inspires me that his leadership is what is required.
  9. At this present moment, the ANC is in tatters, with factions and slates abound. We need leaders who are able to interact with all and sundry, not indunas of factions and insults. Cde Makalo is what the revolution and the ANC needs currently. His demeanor and character shall assist unite and rebuild the movement.
  10. So I therefore implore branches of the ANC to nominate Cde Makalo to lead the ANC come the Provincial Conference, as part of the Officials.

NB. I shall, for now, reserve to look at positions in the PEC, for positions are just positions, but Cde Makalo must lead in the highest echelons of the ANC.


Tiisetso Makhele is an ANC member and Deputy Convener of the ANC in Nelson Mandela Branch (Ward 48), Mangaung Region. He writes in his personal capacity


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