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TUT Giyani Campus Set for 2025 Opening – Nzimande

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Tshwane University of Technology TUT Giyani Campus Set for 2025 Opening Amid Social Media Misinformatio

Giyane– The Department of Higher Education, Science and Innovation has made a clarifying statement regarding its ongoing plans to establish the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) campus in Giyani, keenly addressing social media misinformation about the project’s progress. In an assertive statement released Tuesday, the department confirmed its commitment to opening the campus by 2025, despite erroneous claims that the Minister was impeding the process.

“The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, Prof Blade Nzimande, has become aware of the circulation of information on various social media platforms that is designed to create the false impression that the Minister is blocking or deliberately delaying the finalisation of the establishment of the Tshwane University of Technology Giyani campus,” the department expressed, keen to illuminate the truth.

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TUT Giyani Campus Set for 2025 Opening - Nzimande 3

This misrepresentation, according to the department, fosters unnecessary confusion and aims to disrupt an integral project. “In the interest of transparency and out of concern for the future of the young people of Giyani and surrounding areas, the Minister wishes to provide the necessary clarification.”

Validity to the department’s commitment was lent by delineating the decision-making process under Nzimande’s leadership. “This decision was informed by a number of strategic considerations, including the need to extend access to higher education for the young people of Giyani and surrounding areas,” said the department, dismissing any notion of intentional delay as “utterly ridiculous and mischievous.”

Delays have indeed punctuated the timeline, with the department disclosing setbacks during an initial feasibility study due to a holdup of more than five months from the Limpopo Department of Education. Nonetheless, in collaboration with Limpopo MEC for Education, Lerule Ramakhanya, strides have been made towards resolution.

A pivotal point came in October 2023, following the allocation of R31.916 million to the project by the Minister. These funds are earmarked for renovations and addressing deferred maintenance post-feasibility study completion. “TUT will now commence with the refurbishment and deferred maintenance in February this year, which will enable the first intake of students during the 2025 academic year.”

Anticipating the project’s extensive nature, the department outlined a plan for additional funding allocations extending over six years from 2024/25. This financial foresight ensures robust planning of significant projects commencing within the 2024 calendar year.

A decisive factor in the project’s progression has been continual stakeholder engagement, encompassing the community, government, and private sectors. “The departmental project team that was appointed by the Minister and is responsible for the implementation of this project has been engaging the relevant stakeholders in Giyani, regularly,” the department noted, underscoring the collaborative foundation of the initiative.

Despite progress, challenges persist. The department spotlighted concerns about individuals actively obstructing technical work and interest groups potentially bending community concerns for their nefarious intentions. This issue accentuates the obstacle of misinformation, wherein campaigns are allegedly aimed at discrediting Minister Nzimande through “lies and misinformation.”

Affirming unanimous backing, the department highlighted the unwavering support of TUT, the Limpopo provincial government, and MEC Ramakhanya. “As the Department of Higher Education and Training we remain committed to completing the establishment of the Tshwane University of Technology campus in Giyani,” said the department

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