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Tribute to Cde Sisi Hixsonia Ntombela (Halala)

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Thembeni Nxangisa with Sefora Sisi Ntombela

Tribute to the Former Free State Premier Sisi Hixsonia Sefora Ntombela (Halala) By Free State MEC of Agriculture and Rural Development Thembeni Nxangisa

“In the midst of political upheaval and transition, the province of the Free State goes through yet another smooth and peaceful transition. It is a natural process of change necessitated by serious yet turbulent political postulation.”

Many thought that this is an era that will lead to a divided ANC in the Free State, to their dismay the ANC once more came out victorious. This is as a result of genuine and honest comrades of the ANC who understand that the ANC come first before their political and personal ambitions.

The level of political maturity of ANC members in this province demonstrate that, indeed the birthplace of the ANC (Mangaung) remains a beacon of hope in the quest of rebuilding, renewal and consequently the unity of our beloved movement of the people of South Africa.

🟥WATCH🟥 Message from the Free State Premier Sefora Ntombela to the Community of Jagersfontein “Ke rata hole tshepisa hore re kekebe rale tlohela ho fihlela re entse bo nnete ba hore emong le emong bophelo ba hae bo kgutletse setlwaeding”

As cadres of the movement, none of us is owed any position by the movement and yet there are instances where the movement is forced to make hard decisions to advance its agenda by having to apply hard stances. This time around Cde Sisi Ntombela did not subject the organisation to take hard decisions, thanks Mama.

There is no illusion in my mind that you are an embodiment of perfection, you remain one of the cadres who did their best to serve the people of our province and the country. You were fondly known as “Halala” a phrase you earned as an appreciation of your good work.

Allow me to borrow from the Zulu Girl poem by Roy Combel, “ What is the girl doing before she stops to rest in the Zulu girl poem? She is hoeing the fields, preparing the fields to grow crops”. “Slow caresses” tells us of the mother’s tenderness, the care she is taking with her child.

This poem is about a Zulu mother feeding her baby. There is an admiration for the endurance and for the strength of life that is seen in her. There is a prophetic hint in the concluding simile that a different and better state of affairs is bound to come in the future.

You served our people with distinction, respect and humility. Your commitment is unquestionable.
Generally, the Free State province is not economically rich yet many of the strides and effort under your leadership and stewardship proved to be eroding poverty and unemployment. Granted and it can be argued that the reasons for reduced numbers of unemployment in the province might be due to migration, but the fact remains, the province has improved. Stats-SA labour force survey data shows that official unemployment rate in the Free State declined from 38.1% in the 3rd quarter of 2021 to 33.8% in the 3rd quarter of 2022.

We remain focused and determined to persecute the revolution for a total liberation of people of South Africa, Africa and the World.

I believe you will do better in your future endeavours and continue to serve the organisation in whatever capacity it deems necessary. Working with you was educational and insightful leadership. You were a mother and leader when duty calls. ANC is a caring organisation and you stood out when it comes to emulating this character of the movement.

You were unfazed during difficult times and lead from the front and when it was celebrating time you were humble, what a leader. This is a rare trait possessed by few

Halalaaaaaaaaaaaa Mantombela Halala

Thembeni Skully Nxangisa
ANC member in Ward 24 Mangaung writing in his personal capacity.



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