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Transnet Invests R233m in Durban Port Road Rehabilitation

by Central News Reporter
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Durban – The Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has announced a massive investment of R233 million in a comprehensive rehabilitation project intended to revamp the road network at the vital Durban Port. This initiative underscores the port’s critical economic role and is set to roll out over the coming two-year period.

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA – MAY 19: Transnet logo during the launch of the Transnet-Phelophepa healthcare train clinic in Phoenix on May 19, 2020 in Durban, South Africa. According to a media release, the Transnet-Phelophepa healthcare train clinic is aimed at boosting the testing capacity for Covid-19 in the province, and is part of the KZN Provincial Government’s efforts to curb the spread of the deadly virus. (Photo by Darren Stewart/Gallo Images via Getty Images)

TNPA Port Manager for the Port of Durban, Nkumbuzi Ben-Mazwi, expressed the strategic necessity of the project. “Embarking on this road rehabilitation journey will ensure that we deliver on our mandate of providing port infrastructure to ensure the port’s efficient functioning as the economic gateway to our South African economy,” he said.

In the face of increasing demands on the Port of Durban’s infrastructure, especially due to the heightened influx of heavy-duty trucks, TNPA stated that the project was a necessary response. The logistics hub, which accounts for roughly 60% of South Africa’s total container volumes, experiences substantial truck traffic along its Southern Road Network. This has incrementally led to the degradation of the road quality, thus necessitating the investment in upgrades.

TNPA further detailed the refurbishment plans, emphasizing the importance of operational efficiencies and uninterrupted movement within the port precinct. Priority will be given to Maydon Wharf, where 16 roads are marked for repair. Subsequent attention will be directed toward Island View and Bayhead, with three and two roads respectively earmarked for reconstruction.

“The improved condition of port roads will positively impact on port operational efficiencies and the smooth flow of traffic in the targeted precincts. The Maydon Wharf will take precedence, with 16 roads set for repairs, followed by Island View with three roads and two on Bayhead,” TNPA elucidated.

The scope of the project is not limited to structural repairs but will also address functional deficiencies including the restoration of damaged manholes and drainage inlets which have suffered under the stress of intense vehicular activity.

During the roadworks, TNPA assures the public that the flow of traffic will be carefully managed. A comprehensive traffic management plan will be put into action to minimize inconveniences and redirect vehicles efficiently.

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