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“ They have met the wrong crop of the generation this time! Masselport incident “- Thamsanqa Milela

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Opinion by Reagan Booysen- Exactly after 28 years in Democracy in South Africa, we still encounter such horrible and hurtful incidents in South Africa, the Maselspoort incident is not new but just the one in spotlight for now.

Opinion by Thamsanqa Milela – I have never been this happy in my life, i am actually not angry at those old white folks as they were just exercising what they have been doing all along but i am more than happy that it took a young person to expose them.

They are used to it, it runs in their veins, they know nothing but oppression of black people because they were taught to oppress blacks from back at homes to schools.

But, the mistake is that they didn’t realize we have been reading about their brutality, heartless peoples’ acts, arrogance and treating blacks like rubbish and that has grew too much anger within us!

Because they are acting, we need to respond back! Just imagine where would have the child of that “Kobus” (The racist who strangled a young black person) person be today if the young black who stood against his father would have faced him? The anger in us doesn’t allow us anymore to be writers, to make speeches but to revolt back and fight fire with fire.

The young black jitas who fought and exposed the ugly head of racism at Maselsport deserves to be honoured! Bravo young men! You did very well!

For as much as we may want to sugar-coat the wrath of racism and the level of hatred by white people towards blacks, it will be the end of us even after so many years in Democracy!

We need to show the seriousness of this matter by making sure as majoritanians in this country we change the law, we cant live in fear like our oldies did during the apartheid.
I grew up 6 streets away from where the black father who was humiliated by children of the same bloody white people at University of Free State for making him eat their rubbish as he was working there as a cleaner, my anger level rises every time see him, so as the scene of the Christmas Day at Maselspoort, i am more than angry at bloody white racists!

There are two things which need us to tackle this matter as soonest as possible, 1 would be to either change the laws to condemn and harshly sentences the people who continues to do these barbaric acts or 2 to fight back (Fire with Fire)!
We have normalized many embarrassing things as blacks in the country, minority of old and tired people attacks young people and we take videos instead of assisting them in fighting the minority!

Nibasabani abelungu vele?
Immediately after this matter, i then made my research as i have been wondering many years when i had a chat with former Moqhaka Mayor at that time, he told me that there

are places like KroonPark at some time, Golf course and others which were properties of Government but they are owned through renting by white people!

Mind you those places are making money, which would be revenue to our Municipalities and worse part they drafted their own rental contracts immediately when they realize there might lose power through democracy just prior to 1994 General Elections and they are paying to some of these properties R1 a month for 100 years…

It is also confirmed that Maselsport is no longer public owned but private owned, they are not scared, they are not afraid of anything, they are actually doing exercises with the black people’s lives and what do you think they are doing to their employees at that place when their friends can treat the people who are bringing them money like they did with those young people?

The owners of that place knew all along about that arrangement, they are the ones who actually organized it for their friends and for themselves as they take us as not human beings like them but animals in their eyes, it has been happening but because we are an understanding type of people, we have been told we can’t use that pool and we understood till the born day of Jesus Christ to witness a miracle by 2 young black people into exposing not only the perpetrators but even the organizers of such which are the owners!

Many arrangements were made we know about many of such places even with politicians, government properties are used for personal interests and development.

Destea is fighting I know to reclaim these places but some because of binding contracts, it means department would have to buy them out and they demand abnormal amounts to give them back to government, clever bloody racist white people!

One of the Afrikan Marxist scholars Mr. Tiisetso Makhele today made a post and I quote him: Our people are tired with “we note, condemn” statements. They want radical change. Racists never noted but made laws to oppress us. Change laws in favour of natives!

We need to change laws as a matter of urgency in order to be equal as all the people in the country, no matter our skin colour and be held accountable all into respecting the law in this country…

I am glad to be part of those who witnessed this moment, it has resuscitated the activism in me and this is the correct time for activists to rise and leave politicians into politics.
As much as younger generation of today is not showing any interest in politics, but it does not mean they do not know what is right or wrong and i would make a plea with politicians to play far from claiming easy victories and kill the activism in those children as they have known for far too long even before those boys were born about stinking racism that still exists in this country but they kept quiet until Jesus was born on the 25th of December 2022!

Many people would see this as a sad moment but i am rejoicing and seeing this with different angle, those boys were the winners on the day they went to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and I salute them! I am glad to have witnessed this crop of generation in my lifetime and I shall speak about their bravery till I die for they have exposed what the current system is playing so hard to hide from our faces, racism with its ugly head!
Was CODESA used to shape a way for modernized apartheid? Why is our government so quite about this matter?
Why are they keeping on massaging feelings of the minority in the expense of the majority of blacks in this country?
Nibasabani abelungu?

I wouldn’t want to dwell much on political parties, the ruling party which i am part of but today is about the reality and no more rhetoric, the Whites don’t take the laws of this country serious and my own organization is to be blamed for being cosmetic with a clique of arrogant minority in this country since day 1!

I am happy with the year which has been nothing to me but a pain as an activist to have witnessed the bravery equate to those of Ongopotse Tiro, Solomon “Kalushi” Mahlangu, Peter Mokaba and others… May your revolutionary souls not rest but revive our conscious and give us strength to stand against the minority in claiming ourselves back as human beings in this country! Aluta!

Leaders of today lead their positions and not the masses, and in the absence of the leaders the masses will lead themselves as leadership are not about the positions to us the activists!
Where are the structures of young people when the situation is like this? When the young people are being unfairly treated in their mother land? When the minority still feels and lives like in the apartheid period within a democratic country?

The activists need to stand up and leave politicians with their positions, take the spear and go for war against continues modern oppression kind of treatment from the minority!
The period of 1948 to 1994 is buried, although we read about it but can we not be reminded of it as we are more than combat ready to fight the fire with fire!


“Racists are mindless, useless and selfish. We must not tolerate racists.” – Panyaza Lesufi

My name is Thamsanqa “FLABBA” Milela, a member of the ANC in Ward 36 Botshabelo in Mangaung, SAYC Free State Spokesperson and Chairperson of Thamsanqa Milela Foundation writing on his personal capacity.

For the record, I reject that apology by a Murderer( Fw De Klerk) and pray God doesn't forgive him also! - Thamsanqa Godfrey Milela

For the record, I reject that apology by a Murderer( Fw De Klerk) and pray God doesn’t forgive him also! – Thamsanqa Godfrey Milela



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