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Theunissen man arrested after divers retrieve a body from a water canal

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Man arrested for window breaking incident at Constitutional Court

By Thys Khiba

Theunissen – A 30-year old from Stilte farm is expected to appear at Theunissen Magistrate Court on Tuesday, 01 June 2021 after being arrested and charged for murder.

This is after police have retrieved a male corpse identified as Ditsebe Lesotho in Stile farm in The unit on Sunday, 30 May.


“A corpse of male victim identified as Ditsebe Lesotho was retrieved out of the water canal by police divers after police were summoned to the crime scene,” said Police Provincial Spokesperson Colonel Thandi Mbambo.

A body of the deceased was found wrapped with a blanket and tied with wires. “…tied with wires on the trolley which was allegedly used to drag him from the house which is a scene where he was killed,” Colonel Mbambo explains.

According to Colonel Mbambo, after doing some inspection by members of the South African Police Services, it was discovered that the body sustained an open wound on the head and a knife was stuck on his hip.

“A hammer suspected to be a used weapon was found and confiscated by police at the scene from where the body was dragged with a trolley,” said Colonel Mbambo.

A case of murder was opened for further investigation.

This is a developing story.


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