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The Supreme Court of Appeals Restores all ANC Members Rights to Participate in its Affairs

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By Ndleleni Boyilane

Honest and loyal ANC members must be vindicated by yesterday’s ruling of the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein.

The Supreme Court has effectively declared the bogus FS ANC PEC structure illegitimate and illegal in terms of ANC processes. It has restored our constitutional right to participate in the life of the ANC.

For years we have decried the blatant disregard of ANC democratic processes which denied bona fide members to exercise their constitutional rights within branches of the movement.

We take heart to this judgment because it confirms what we have always been saying, that Ace Magashule and few of his selected cohorts have always violated the constitution of the ANC and maliciously determined the outcomes of all structures.

We call them ‘thugs’ because they did not only deny our glorious movement the space and chance to breath, the manner in which they treated genuine members of the ANC who did not agree with their destruction of the movement was heartless and cruel, to say the least.

Many genuine members and leaders of the ANC in the FS were ostracised, unfairly removed from their jobs and their families destroyed, all in the name of one man, Ace Magashule.

They created fictitious branches and anointed their stooges and weaklings to be the guardians of ANC infrastructure.

As a result, the ANC in the Free State has had over two decades of wanton paralysis, politically and organizationally.

Their stooges introduced the politics of pangas as a form of intimidation. Political education was abandoned.

Sadly many of these atrocitious acts were reported to the previous NECs and some NEC deployees were fully aware of the problem of the FS, nonetheless they allowed them to happen anyway.

We will not forget them and their role in the life of this movement in the FS. We hope that this time the NEC will make good amend and help all FS ANC members to exercise their full constitutional rights as members.

The SCA has rightly exposed the fallacy of those who claim that Ace Magashule is being unfairly singled out and targeted. He has a well-documented track record of manipulating every ANC conference from branch level upwards.

This then buttresses the argument that he must step aside as a Secretary General of the ANC with immediate effect.

If he has an iota of morality, he should not even wait for 30 days but he must hand over his resignation today.

This nullified bogus PEC must not even think of appealing this ruling because other than the fact that such a decision lies with the NEC, they know it is the truth that they were illegitimate.

This ruling gives the ANC the best chance to renew itself

This apex court’s ruling comes as a welcome relief for all comrades who never tire in this long and tedious journey they traversed, and at great personal cost. You comrades have been inspirational.

While we celebrate the judgement now, let it not be for too long because the task of rebuilding the ANC starts now, it is huge and it’s going to be massive.

Henceforth, we call upon all members and supporters of the ANC to reject corruption in all its forms, and isolate corrupt individuals who deprive our communities the true benefit of an ANC government.

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