Home Opinion The fake unity by ANCYL NYTT is another time ticking bomb – Thamsanqa Milela

The fake unity by ANCYL NYTT is another time ticking bomb – Thamsanqa Milela

by centra
The fake unity by ANCYL NYTT is another time ticking bomb - Thamsanqa Milela

Unedited Views by Thamsanqa Milela

The fake unity by ANCYL NYTT is another time ticking bomb, which will be a last nail in the ANC Youth League’s coffin when its time to explode arrives.

Young people of the ANC are no longer doing it for the ANC Youth League or ANC but serving their masters and the biggest bidders, most if not all are deep in ANC’s leadership pockets and even for them to form part of that NYTT was through proximity of the same ANC’s leaders… Lest we forget who recommended their names🤷‍♂️

The Nasrec fake unity was the 2nd last nail into YL’s coffin, the Ace VS Cyril point is deeper than what we see in public, it is deep and even contracted by young people and which will be to blame for killing the last chance of having YL revived.

It is not a secret that Nonceba is a Pro-Cyril and Joey is a Pro-Ace, this can only be hard to be admitted by their staunch supporters whom are also influenced by their political loyalty towards both President Cyril and Secretary General Ace but deep inside they know the truth.

They all playing ANC’s politics of making favors for each other in the name of ANCYL, they hold “Ace cards” against each other in that NYTT already, the removal of others based on age was influenced by factions and nothing else, the change of NYWT was based on nothing by factional influence of numbers, the recent panic in being clear of disbanding PECs was caused by balance of forces in the NYTT and PECs… Et al.

Now they have reached the climax of faking the unity anymore, the issue is about appointing the TTs and this might take forever or they will continue faking it further just so they remain as working in the eyes of the ANC in fear of being removed again and being replaced by another people.

But this time the problem is now one, the real people who doesn’t want to see the ANCYL renewed are watching at these processes with very serious eyes because it has the capacity of pushing their interests in the ANC politics and that’s none than ANC leaders themselves, which makes it now harder for only Nonceba or Joey to decide on faking unity again.

The fake unity by ANCYL NYTT is another time ticking bomb - Thamsanqa Milela

I want people not to misunderstand me in thinking that, I’m saying other NYTT Members are useless in that structure but in the factional context, whether there are more than those 2 factions led by Nonceba or Joey, fact of the matter is that all of them will either fall under Ace or Cyril.

Failure for us as young people to say these things as they are, we will be part of the people counted in failing the critical mission of rebuilding the ANCYL as a generation.

Old people are the ones who killed the ANCYL and are the ones who will make sure it doesn’t revived again, for as long as we as young people we are still serving them as our masters.

People are making noise as if President Cyril is a dictator, did you felt that way when the previous faction led by President Zuma was incharge and was doing the same things?

These are politics and we can’t be cry babies with the things we know why are the way they are, if a faction in power loses, it means the power will shift to new faction.

We felt betrayed by the same people you are today insulting when they publicly manipulated processes in 2015 to give the faction which was incharge at that time the YL to Oros, just to serve the interests of the then incharge faction.

I will not get too much into politics of Ace and Cyril but truth must be told, the sitting leadership of ANC will never ignore the influence of having YL in their corner, they will therefore make sure they are watching its processes to favor them in future every chance they get.

The united ANCYL is a threat to them, hence the expulsion of some comrades from YL and further destroying it by making sure it doesn’t get to that level of autonomy again, as integral part of ANC, they will forever have interest with it but not to serve its purpose anymore but that of an incharge faction.

Ace Magashule made sure he changed the names recommended by Provinces to form NYTT, put his people because he knew what was coming and he wouldn’t go out before he does that… Remember the letter of list leaked while the NEC Meeting was still in progress and you think that was a mistake 🤷‍♂️no it was part of his strategy, because trust me if he didn’t do that, the YL should have long went to Conference because a faction would have put only their people to take us to Conference and we would have all had to support them even if we were not happy like we did with Oros.

I may not write this with nice nor lovely English you guys expect everybody to write in, but the message is clear and everybody knows everything on this piece is true and not only true but a sad truth.

Wait and see when will we get PTTs and how they will be constituted, you will remember this post and at that time, we will all be subjected to what is called “organizational discipline” to respect the decisions of the highest structure even if the decisions will be from their masters and bishops.

Everybody is in a business of reporting in the YL and ANC, we are people of people and no longer people of the organization and it is going to take us many years to root this out as we need to firstly transform every member who was recruited for wrong reasons within our MDM.

This is sad moment for all genuine young and capable comrades of YL, money and proximity will always be our problem… E bohloko taba ya ANCYL eo re ratang😢😢😢

But we must never tire, Cde Kalushi said we must keep on fighting✊

My name remains Thamsanqa Godfrey Milela who is still constitutionally the member of ANCYL and ANC in good standing at Ward 36 in Mangaung, I’m stating these facts on my personal capacity… 🖤💚💛

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