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The EFF’s Achievements and the Necessity of Leadership Accountability

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The EFF's Achievements and the Necessity of Leadership Accountability

Opinion by Kamohelo Teele – People often label Julius Malema as a dictator due to the failure of the EFF deployees to organize buses for the 10th anniversary celebrations.

However, upon closer examination, it is clear that EFF members, especially the Top 6 and the Central Command Team, are hardworking individuals who consistently achieve their set targets. Here are a few examples of their accomplishments:

1. The EFF purchased a building worth 10 million rand at Ghandi Square and renamed it the Winnie Mandela Building.
2. They also acquired a warehouse in Midrand to store organizational equipment and election machinery.
3. In Magaliesburg, the EFF purchased a farm where cows were raised to be slaughtered at their 10th anniversary rally at FNB Stadium.
4. Construction of the Winnie Mandela School for underprivileged children in Magaliesburg will commence immediately after the EFF rally.
5. The organization is also in the process of establishing a Hotel and Conference Centre in Magaliesburg, which will host national meetings of the Central Command Team and the Higher Decision Body.
6. Every Friday, the EFF visits Disability Centres and Child Care homes, renovating them and donating R100,000.
7. They build houses for the poor and sponsor Aviation courses for students from impoverished backgrounds with the goal of helping them become pilots.

These achievements are a testament to the EFF’s sound political leadership and administration. They have professionalized the organization, making it difficult to dismantle. Institutions with solid structures and systems in place are resilient to destruction.

In my opinion, it is necessary for Julius Malema to exhibit dictatorial leadership for the sake of the EFF’s quantitative and qualitative growth. The organization should not solely depend on electing leaders and acquiring power; instead, it should focus on building a sustainable political movement that addresses the hopes and aspirations of all black people, particularly Africans.

Dictatorship, or autocratic leadership, is essential to prevent political infiltration and the collapse of the movement, as witnessed in other political formations like COPE and AGANG. It ensures order, political stability, and safeguards against propaganda and vilification attempts from internal and external sources.

The decision to ban deployees from attending the 10th anniversary rally is a purely political one that holds individuals accountable for their actions.

In the EFF, being elected into a leadership position means serving the organization and demonstrating unwavering commitment to the revolution. Failure to do so should come with consequences; otherwise, laziness, incompetence, mediocrity, and complacency will erode the organization, which is still in its growth and formative stage.


Kamohelo Rodney Teele is a Disability Youth Activist, National Spokesperson of the South African Youth Development Projects and LLB Student at University of Pretoria.

He writes in his personal capacity.

My two cent advice to all Youth Development Officers in our municipalities - Kamohelo Teele

My two cent advice to all Youth Development Officers in our municipalities – Kamohelo Teele


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