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The Commission for Gender Equality to Observe National and Provincial Elections, Ensuring Gender Rights Protection

by Central News Reporter
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The Commission for Gender Equality

Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) on Elections

The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) will be in full force observing the electoral process today to ensure gender equality during the National and Provincial Elections . The CGE aims to guarantee that individuals’ gender rights are upheld across polling stations, promoting an election free from gender-based discrimination.

Accredited Election Observers

Advocate Nthabiseng Sepanya-Mogale, Chairperson of the Commission for Gender Equality, announced that the Electoral Commission (IEC) has accredited the CGE to conduct election observations nationwide. This accreditation empowers the CGE to scrutinise the electoral process in alignment with section 187 of the South African Constitution and the CGE Act of 1996.

Monitoring and Assessing for Gender Equality

According to Sepanya-Mogale, the CGE bears the constitutional responsibility to monitor and evaluate the actions of both governmental and non-governmental institutions. This obligation ensures the promotion, protection, and advancement of gender equality in South Africa. Section 187 (2) of the Constitution endows the CGE with the authority to perform various functions such as monitoring, investigating, researching, educating, lobbying, advising, and reporting on issues pertinent to gender equality.

A Gendered Analytical Framework

“Considering this constitutional obligation, during its election observation, the CGE will employ a gendered analytical framework to determine the extent to which the elections are free and fair from any form of gender discrimination,” remarked Sepanya-Mogale. She added that a dedicated team of Commissioners and staff will be present at various polling stations across all provinces.

Inclusive and Equitable Elections

The CGE’s observers are tasked with ensuring the elections are transparent and equitable, with a particular focus on preventing gender discrimination. Special attention will be given to vulnerable groups, including pregnant women, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and those accompanied by young children. “We aim to ascertain if the elections are free, fair, and devoid of gender discrimination,” asserted Sepanya-Mogale.

A Call for Co-operation

Concluding her address, the chairperson extended her best wishes to all voters and candidates. She expressed her hope for the co-operation of South Africans with the CGE election observers. “We trust that South Africans will co-operate with CGE election observers as we help deepen and strengthen democracy as per our constitutional mandate,” she said.

Special Votes - IEC
Special Votes – IEC


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