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South Africans on their Knees as the NHI bill makes its debut

by Selinda Phenyo

Opinion By Phenyo Selinda | NHI

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s launch of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill is the African National Congress’ last round of elections. Considering that our country is listed as one of the underdeveloped countries, just like Communism, NHI is amazing in theory, as it aims to ensure that all South Africans, whether privileged or underprivileged, can access quality health care services that medical aid can provide.

The constitution of South Africa states that “everyone has the right to have access to quality health care services,” and through observation of the state’s corruption, the decaying, dilapidated public health care facilities and infrastructure that the African National Congress has overseen for the last 30 years are particularly impoverished.

Despite the lobbying businesses in South Africa, which perceive this as an unconstitutional bill, The ANC sees this as a tool for them to get back into power, as their Secretary General Fikile Mbalula states, “We are elected to fulfil this promise,” a promise that is supposed to reduce the gap between the rich and poor but will drag South Africa to its knees. Based on the bill, the ANC always strives to make empty promises and not deliver them.

Dan Corder says that “the ANC is like a groom who makes promises to his wife on the day of vows, and the second she gets off the alter, he breaks all of them.” Analysing the promises made by the ANC within the past 30 years, they would defeat the national blackouts and fill up all the potholes (July 2011). This means that they will root out corruption, eliminate crime (Nov. 2023), and make South Africa a safer place for women and children—these are all the promises that the ANC has made, and they remain problems in our society, to which now they have made a new promise of fixing the health care system.

If you take a step into looking at the health state of South Africa, where unemployment is rapidly increasing for newly graduated medical graduates and where we have a huge influx of doctors leaving because they see the country’s medical care system as useless to journalists, It took 30 years for the ANC to build a fully diffusional health system, and they are guaranteed to have to rebuild it again.

Why does South Africa think that the NHI won’t work?

Because of the NHI, what it means in theory is that we are going to create a fund and fill it up with money, and it will be used for all of South Africa’s healthcare and needs, including treatment and preventative care, whether they can afford it and be able to contribute to it. In other words, it will be the means to pay for the pills for all South Africans who need any or all kinds of health care.

How much will it cost? Well, it is currently estimated at R500 billion a year to meet the demand, and it will be coming from taxpayers’ money. What that means is that, seeing that the NHI wants to cover all medical health care services, medical aids, and private health care services, it will not be allowed to cover or service any form of health care that the NHI covers.

This means that every South African will be expected to go to a government hospital just like any other citizen. In an economically developed country, that sounds great and would work because that means public health care is better than private health care in that world. We wouldn’t need medical aid, and you would need to pay for private facilities. Moreover, you just go to a private one like everybody else and receive outstanding service, and it will all be covered by the National Health Insurance.

A quick example of our health crisis and the rate at which people die at public hospitals looks at how much resources hospitals lack and how their infrastructure is undermaintained, specifically at Baragqwanath, Charlotte Maxege, and Northwest government hospitals, which have been shambled not by a lack of funding or skills but by the mismanagement and lack of care or maintenance in our healthcare facilities under the leadership of the ANC.

South Africa has woken up as the wife and is about to leave after many years of being malnourished, and now the husband starts to wake up and pull off a good thing. Although Timbaland, one republic was right when he said “it’s too late to apologise,” it’s really too late because South Africa is fed up with the 30 years of begging for good health if the ANC had not put it in shambles, but maybe, who knows, public health can really surpass private health, maybe the ANC will succeed and save the country, or maybe it’s trying to create a problem for the next party to solve just like they did with free education when former President Jacob Zuma went out of power. I guess we will never know until you cast your vote on May 29, 2024.

Do you really believe the ANC can change South Africa again, or is it time for another leader to make the difference that the ANC has failed to archive for the past 30 years?

Written By Phenyo Selinda

South Africans on their Knees as the NHI bill makes its debut 3

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Kevin May 15, 2024 - 1:55 pm

Great article!

Ofentse May 15, 2024 - 9:42 pm

Quite a read. Personally, with the current public health state in the country, the signing of the NHI bill was not a good move as yet. There is just a lot of loopholes in what the NHI will cater for and how it will be administered. All this efforts and financial implications should have been focused on fixing public health. The ANC is focused on gaining political scores and selling an untrue dream to citizens to vote for them. “The private sector is not a solution to fix broken public healthcare”…!

Kate May 17, 2024 - 1:48 pm

Good article


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