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South Africa Seeks Urgent International Court of Justice Order to Protect Palestinians in Gaza Amid Israel’s Military Assault

by Central News Reporter
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Pretoria- As the world commemorate World Press Freedom Day, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa appreciates and acknowledges an essential role played by the SA media.

South Africa

South Africa has taken urgent action to seek international intervention in the ongoing military assault on Rafah in Gaza, filing an application with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for an urgent order to protect the Palestinian people.


President Cyril Ramaphosa issued a statement on Saturday, expressing concern that the assault on Rafah poses a significant risk to humanitarian supplies and the survival of the Palestinian medical system. While South Africa acknowledges the initial court order issued in March 2024, it argues that the situation has changed significantly since then and additional urgent steps are required to protect the rights of Palestinians in Gaza.

With 1.5 million Palestinians in Rafah, the ongoing violence has severe implications, including the control of movement in and out of Gaza and the prevention of critical humanitarian and medical supplies reaching the region. Israel’s actions have also hindered medical evacuations and led to the destruction of hospitals and discovery of mass graves, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

South Africa has called for urgent intervention and investigations into actions that harm the rights of Palestinians, including the use of targeted killings through Artificial Intelligence (AI). The country has urged Israel to withdraw its military offensive in Rafah and allow unimpeded access for humanitarian aid and assistance from the United Nations and other international bodies.

Furthermore, South Africa has requested fact-finding missions by internationally mandated bodies and journalists to assess the conditions on the ground in Gaza to facilitate the effective preservation of evidence. The President emphasised the need for Israel to submit reports to the Court on measures taken to comply with the provisional orders and past measures within specific timeframes.

President Ramaphosa highlighted the necessity of a permanent ceasefire in Gaza for the effective implementation of the Court’s provisional measures and called on the international community, including Israel’s allies, to address the ongoing persecution of Palestinians. He expressed appreciation for the support shown by the United States students and the adoption of a United Nations General Assembly draft resolution recommending the Security Council to reconsider the application for full membership of the State of Palestine.


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