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Social Development Department To Close Illegal Operating Alexandra crèche

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By Thys Khiba

Johannesburg –The department of social development in the Gauteng province is investigating the incident where a toddler suffered burn wounds allegedly at the hands of his educator, in Alexandra crèche.

“We have established that the ECD is not registered with the department of social development and it is contravention with the Children’s Act. The HOD is issuing a notice of closure and it will be closed within the next five days,” said FeziweNdwayana, department of social development spokesperson.

This is after the Eyewitness News reported that the parents of the two-year old allege the teacher used boiling water to wipe the child’s soiled bottoms. Gauteng department of social development spokesperson, FeziweNdwayanaconfirmed that a fully fledged investigation is underway and its is to assess whether the ECD is in line with the norms and standards of the Children’s Act.

The teacher has been released on bail, after the arrest by the South African Police Officers who are busy with an investigation.

According to FeziweNdwayana, the department of social development has visited the family of toddler, due to the legal case pending, they couldn’t speak further on the matter.

The Child Care Act, 1983 which provides for the establishment of children’s courts and the appointment of commissioners of child welfare, for the protection and welfare of certain children, for the adoption of children and for the establishment of certain institutions for the reception of children and for the treatment of children after such reception, was amended in 1996 to provide for legal representation for children and for the registration of shelters.

The 1998 amendment provided for the rights of certain natural fathers where the adoption of their children born out of wedlock has been proposed and for certain notice to be given. The 1999 amendment provided for the establishment of secure care facilities and for the prohibition against the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

The Department and the South African Law Commission is currently preparing new comprehensive children’s legislation. 

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