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Secretary to Parliament, Xolile George, Reflects on the Upcoming Inaugural Sittings of National Assembly and NCOP

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Secretary to Parliament, Xolile George, Reflects on the Upcoming Inaugural Sittings of National Assembly and NCOP

Secretary to Parliament, Xolile George

CAPE TOWN – Secretary to Parliament, Xolile George, has lauded the first sittings of the National Assembly (NA) and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) as a true testament to the will of the South African electorate, as manifested in the recent elections.

“The people have spoken. They have chosen a Parliament that will represent them, as freely elected representatives as reflected in the preamble of the Constitution, to champion their causes, and serve their interests for the next five years,” George announced during a media briefing on Thursday.

Preparing for a Seamless Transition

Parliament is gearing up to host these pivotal first sittings of the two Houses scheduled for Friday and Saturday. During his briefing, George highlighted the intensive preparatory work undertaken by the administration of Parliament to ensure a smooth shift from the sixth term to the seventh term.

“Over the past months, the administration of Parliament has undertaken extensive preparatory work to ensure a seamless transition from the sixth term to the seventh term of Parliament. This has been a pivotal moment for us as a nation, involving a delicate constitutional process that has not been without its challenges,” George stated.

Challenges Conquered

Despite encountering several court challenges, George underscored the collective effort and commitment to upholding South Africa’s democratic principles. This meticulous adherence to constitutional processes now brings the nation to a critical milestone.

“This collective effort underscores our commitment to upholding the democratic principles underpinning our Constitution and ensuring that the will of the people is effectively translated into action,” he added.

Chief Justice’s Role

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has played a crucial role in determining the dates for the first sittings of both Houses, ensuring compliance with constitutional mandates.

“Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has diligently complied with these constitutional obligations, ensuring that the two Houses of Parliament hold their first sittings within the prescribed 14-day period as mandated by the Constitution,” explained George.

Inaugural Sittings at CTICC

The inaugural sittings will take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). Chief Justice Zondo will oversee the swearing-in of all permanent delegates appointed by their respective provinces.

“This will follow the first sittings of the provincial legislatures to elect permanent and non-permanent delegates to the NCOP. After presiding over the swearing-in of the 54 designated permanent delegates, the Chief Justice will also chair the election of the Chairperson of the Council,” George explained.

Election of Leadership

The new Chairperson, once elected, will take over the proceedings and preside over the election of the Deputy Chairpersons. Chief Justice Zondo will also oversee the election of the Speaker of the NA and subsequently the Deputy Speaker.

“These elections are crucial for the proper constitution of the National Assembly, as they ensure the leadership structure is in place to guide the House’s functions and duties,” noted George.

Formation of the New Administration

With the Speaker and Deputy Speaker in place, the NA will then elect a Member of the Assembly to be inaugurated as President, marking the formation of the new administration to govern South Africa.

“This is a crucial process, as it sets the stage for the formation of the new administration that will govern the country. Once elected, the person ceases to be a Member of Parliament,” said George.

Meticulous Preparations

George assured citizens that meticulous preparations have been made to ensure a smooth election process. This includes the setup of voting booths for privacy, provision of ballot boxes, preparation of the voters’ roll, and the secure safekeeping of ballot papers.

“We are fully prepared for the first sittings … Our comprehensive preparations ensure that every aspect of these inaugural sessions, from logistical arrangements to security measures, have been meticulously planned and implemented,” he said.



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