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SA Lost 1,685 People during Festive Season, says Mbalula

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By Thys Khiba – Speaking at the occasion of the release of the 2021 festive season fatality statistics, Minister of Transport, Mr Fikile Mbalula confirmed 1 685 fatalities were recorded over the latest festive season. 

According to Mbalula road fatalities had increased in seven provinces and declined in only two provinces. The death toll is 14% higher than the 2020 holiday period.

KwaZulu-Natal shows a significant decline in fatalities by 6.5%. This simply means that the province recorded 275 fatalities as compared to 294 in the same period last year.

“Limpopo recorded a 16.5% increase moving from 194 fatalities in the previous period to 226 in this period. Gauteng recorded a 15.5% increase moving from 238 fatalities in the previous period to 275 in this period. Free State recorded the lowest increase of 7.2% moving from 111 fatalities in the previous period to 119 in this period,” said Mbalula. 

The Northern Cape and the Western Cape recorded the highest percentage increases in fatalities.

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SA Lost 1,685 People during Festive Season, says Mbalula 3

Mbalula confirmed he is disturbed to note that the Northern Cape recorded the highest increase of 97%, moving from 33 fatalities in the previous period to 65 in this period.

Meanwhile, the Western Cape equally recorded a massive 55.6% increase in the percentage of fatalities moving from 133 fatalities the previous period to 207 in this period.

“We need to get to the root cause of this drastic increase and address it in a decisive manner.” 

Mbalula was impressed by the decline in fatalities in the Eastern Cape, which showed that the province recorded the largest decline in fatalities with a reduction of 7.9% or 210 fatalities compared to the same period last year, when it had 228 fatalities.

“We want to congratulate and commend the Eastern Cape leadership for the sterling work as they marshalled their troops towards the attainment of this significant reduction,” said Mbalula. 

“What is alarming is that we have had more fatalities per crash this year compared to the previous periods. This resulted in high passenger fatalities this year compared to the previous period,” said Mbalula. 

North-West recorded a 25.3% increase moving from 95 fatalities in the previous period to 119 in this period. Mpumalanga recorded an increase of 24.3% moving from 152 fatalities in the previous period to 189 in this period.


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