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RISE Mzansi Urges Voters to Register as Election Day Announced

by Central News Reporter
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Rise Mzansi Leader Songezo Zibi

Rise Mzansi

With the announcement of the next General Election date being set for 29 May 2024, RISE Mzansi, South Africa’s newly formed political party, has called on citizens to ensure they are registered to vote. The party has emphasized the importance of using the Electoral Commission’s online Voter Portal while there is still time.

“This imminent proclamation of the Election Day by the President will close the voters’ roll,” RISE Mzansi Leader elucidated, highlighting the urgency for registration before the voters’ roll’s impending closure, expected to occur within days.

RISE Mzansi looks forward to participating in a political contest meant to redefine representation in Parliament and Provincial Legislatures.

“This will mark the first election for RISE Mzansi, which has excited the electorate with its people-centred politics and vision of building a safe, prosperous, equal and united South Africa, where every citizen can live a happy and dignified life,” Sengezo Zibi, the RISE Mzansi Leader, articulated with fervor. “RISE Mzansi is fully geared to begin campaigning in earnest and will be on the ballot nationally and in all 9 provinces having obtained the necessary signatures to do so,” he added.

With a pointed critique of the political status quo, Zibi expressed, “In this election nothing is guaranteed, especially for the political establishment, which has shown little respect for voters over the last 15-years, hence their vulnerability nationally, as well as in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Democratic regime change can and will happen.”

RISE Mzansi appears poised to energize the electoral landscape with promises of a new political culture — a sentiment echoed by Zibi when he stated, “The RISE Mzansi People’s Manifesto launched at the end of January, has given a voice to South Africans who were previously muted.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement, setting the stage for the elections, also indicates a celebration of 30 years of freedom and democracy in South Africa. Vincent Magwenya, Spokesperson to the President, underlined the consultative process undertaken to determine the election date and conveyed the crucial stance of the President towards voter participation.

“The President has also in line with section 17(2) of the Electoral act 73 of 1998, consulted with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on the election date,” Magwenya stated, furthering, “The proclamation to declare the date will be issued in due course.”

The President and his spokesperson both encourage peaceful and lawful campaigning and highlight the historic importance of the upcoming electoral process in South Africa’s democratic journey.

Several political parties, including the EFF and the ANC, have welcomed the announcement, signaling collective readiness for an election that promises to be both significant and challenging.

Rise Mzansi
Rise Mzansi


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