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Restoration of Safe Drinking Water in Greater Evaton

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Greater Evaton Celebrates Restoration of Safe Drinking Water

Rand Water, and the Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM), officially announced that the once compromised drinking water quality in Greater Evaton has now been fully restored to safe consumption standards. Areas initially impacted included Palm Springs, Zone 7 Sebokeng, Beverly Hills, Sonder Water, Graceland, Lakeside Zone 3, Zone 6, Small Farms, and Evaton North and West, all of which now enjoy the reinstatement of clean drinking water directly from their taps.

The recovery follows an intensive investigative and remedial undertaking that commenced promptly after residents raised alarms on the 28th and 30th March 2024 about their water quality. The joint statement delivered by ELM’s spokesperson, Makhosonke Sangweni, detailed the processes involved in addressing the crisis: “The team of experts from ELM and Rand Water launched an investigation… The cause of the contamination was identified as leaking sewerage pipes which seeped into the drinking water pipes.”

Restoration of Safe Drinking Water in Greater Evaton 3

This revelation prompted immediate action. Both the problematic sewerage and compromised drinking pipes were not just replaced but also thoroughly disinfected, ensuring that any residual contamination was eradicated. Following these comprehensive measures, the water was subject to rigorous quality testing. “On 17 April 2024, the scientists at Rand Water laboratory achieved the third (3) consecutive microbiological results confirming…that the water quality has been restored to the acceptable SANS 241 standards for drinking water,” Sangweni disclosed, marking a significant turnaround in the battle against the contamination.

Throughout the ordeal, both Rand Water and ELM managed to mitigate the impact on residents by providing alternative potable water solutions. Roaming water tankers were deployed across the affected locales, embodying the institutions’ commitment to ensure no individual was left without access to clean water despite the dire circumstances. Sangweni signalled the end of this interim measure, stating, “Effective immediately, the water tanker services will be withdrawn…as the water quality has been restored…”

Both Rand Water and ELM have taken this opportunity to reaffirm their dedication to maintaining high standards of water quality, following the rigorous SANS 241 benchmarks. In the wake of resolving the contamination issue, there’s a shared sentiment of gratitude towards the residents of Greater Evaton. Sangweni extended a heartfelt appreciation, particularly to the community of Palm Springs, acknowledging the patience and cooperation demonstrated throughout the challenging period.


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