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RESPONSE|Central News published a balanced report on Ngwathe service delivery

by Thys Khiba
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By Central News Editor-In-Chief Thys Khiba | Attempts by the Executive Mayor of the Ngwathe Local Municipality, Victoria De Beer-Mthombeni accusing Central News of publishing and reporting unbalanced reports are wearing thin and disturbing.

The recent media statement by the mayor of the troubled and affected municipality is misleading the public and community of Parys, Tumahole, when in fact, they have been given every opportunity to timeously respond to questions posed to them.

At Central News, journalistic integrity and independence is non-negotiable, and it plays an incredibly important role in media’s contribution to our democracy. We do not compromise on this and will not tolerate any misleading reports.


The statement is hurriedly issued after our continuous incredible and objective reporting about challenges of water supply and service delivery in Parys, Tumahole area.

We have published articles and filed reports about residents of Tumahole township who are struggling with and subjected to inhumane conditions and affected by water outages.

In the matter of how we reported the story, questions were sent to the office of the municipal spokesperson, Steve Naale who speaks to the media on behalf of the municipality. Central News received well-written responses from Naale.

We extended our reporting by filing a documentary about service delivery challenges in the area.

Our Editor-In-Chief and field reporters had an opportunity to speak to Naale for the second time on the matter again, the affected residents, Sanco Fezile Dabi regional chairperson -Lucky Kok, political leaders – DA councillor, Saal De Jager (Infrastructure Committee), ANC Fezile Dabi regional secretary, Thabo Mabasa. We have also received a response from the Ngwathe Acting Senior Process Controller, Bongi Maphanga, and Manager Water Purification, Mokete Phele.

We urge the executive mayor, government officials and political leaders not to hide behind statements issued after the fact but rather, to respond to service delivery challenges.

We will continue and strive to hold government to account. Our editors and journalists stand by their stories. We reserve our rights.


Download Response on Official Letter Here:

Central News Response (Media)


Watch Full Documentary on Tumahole Parys Water Crisis Here: 

#YouTube: https://youtu.be/1LeqMg-Z5nw

#Facebook: https://fb.watch/ktJRBNRZsW/?mibextid=cr9u03

#Website: https://centralnews.co.za/watch-documentary-the-current-water-crisis-in-tumahole-parys-ngwathe-local-municipality/

Article : “Ngwathe Mayor fails to fulfil her water supply promises”

Link: https://centralnews.co.za/ngwathe-mayor-fails-to-fulfil-her-water-supply-promises/


Mayor’s letter to Central News 

IMG 3465





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