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Ramaphosa Emphasises Room for Economic Growth and Transformation in 30-Year South Africa Review

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Ramaphosa Says There’s Room for Economic Growth and Transformation in 30-Year South Africa Review

President Cyril Ramaphosa

In a reflective address in Pretoria, President Cyril Ramaphosa shed light on the journey South Africa has embarked upon since the dawn of democracy in 1994, acknowledging the strides made while also emphasising the extensive work still required to fulfil the aspirations of millions. Speaking at the launch of the 30 Year Review Report, he remarked on the nation’s progress and the critical areas needing more focused attention, including economic growth, job creation, and addressing systemic injustices.

“Though we’ve come far, the journey to realise the full promise of 1994 continues,” Ramaphosa noted, underlining the government’s commitment to tackling the persistent challenges of unemployment, poverty, inequality, and underdevelopment head-on.

Reflecting on Three Decades of Change

The 30 Year Review Report offers a comprehensive look back at the efforts to mould a democratic, affluent, and free South Africa. “From establishing a unified democratic state to implementing policies that uplift the most vulnerable in our society, we’re steering towards a monumental transformation,” the President outlined.

Crucial advancements across housing, healthcare, education, and social support have been underscored, alongside the creation of structures to support democracy and promote accountability among government entities.

Addressing Persistent and Emerging Challenges

Despite recognising South Africa’s evolving global stature and its progressive foreign policy, President Ramaphosa candidly addressed the country’s ongoing economic and social challenges. Drawing parallels with the collective spirit that overcame the COVID-19 pandemic, he expressed optimism in the nation’s ability to navigate current trials through unity and resilience.

The government, according to Ramaphosa, is firmly focused on catalysing economic growth, overcoming the energy crisis, and driving comprehensive structural reforms. “Our goal remains steadfast – to create a better, more inclusive South Africa,” he asserted.

A Call to Action

With the 30 Year Review Report acting as both a reflective and forward-looking document, the President urged for its in-depth analysis and application. Describing it as more than just a historical account, he stressed its importance as a tool for ongoing transformation and development.

“This report is a testament to our journey, our challenges, and our triumphs. It’s a call to action for all of us to engage, to debate, and to mobilize towards the continued building of a democratic, prosperous, and free South Africa,” Ramaphosa concluded.

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Ramaphosa Emphasises Room for Economic Growth and Transformation in 30-Year South Africa Review 3


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