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President Ramaphosa and US Congressional Delegation Discuss Strong Bilateral Ties

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President Ramaphosa and US Congressional Delegation Discuss Strong Bilateral Ties

Ramaphosa and US Lawmakers Reflect on Strategic Partnership and Mutual Respect

President Cyril Ramaphosa hosted members of the United States Congress on Wednesday, affirming the robust and evolving partnership that exists between South Africa and the United States. The delegation, invited by the Aspen Institute, was received at Tuynhuys amidst discussions on cooperation and shared values.

During the engagement, President Ramaphosa highlighted the mutual respect and open dialogue that define the relationship between the two nations. “Our relationship is characterised by mutual respect and a willingness to engage in constructive dialogue even on issues where we may differ,” said President Ramaphosa.

The President shined a light on the significant support the US has rendered through the PEPFAR programme in combatting HIV and AIDS in South Africa. “The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief programme has contributed significantly –and continues to contribute– to the remarkable progress South Africa has made to end HIV as a public health emergency,” he noted, underlining the pivotal role of the bilateral partnership in addressing public health challenges.

Elaborating on the interaction with his US counterpart and numerous engagements between both national delegations, President Ramaphosa emphasized the importance of their discussions. “Such exchanges have allowed for a constructive exchange of views and further cemented the ties between our two countries,” he remarked.

An economic dimension was also present in the dialogue with the delegation, focusing on the growth of bilateral trade and investment. The President’s office acknowledged the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) as a vital framework for Africa’s economic progression. “AGOA continues to present significant value to Africa’s industrialisation, integration and the diversification of the continent’s economies,” the Presidency communicated.

The talks also ventured into the realm of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), a key exhibit of growing economic integration within Africa, and its potential to attract US investors.

President Ramaphosa also addressed South Africa’s dedication to fostering peace and security continent-wide and the nation’s non-aligned stance in global affairs. “This includes South Africa’s non-aligned position that seeks to forge cordial relations with all countries and promote the resolution of conflict through dialogue,” he said.

With regard to the longstanding Israel-Palestinian conflict, the President made an appeal for an inclusive resolution. “We continue to make the call for the release of hostages, an immediate ceasefire and the urgent provision of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza and meaningful negotiations towards a lasting solution,” President Ramaphosa stressed.

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