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Post office suspends mail service to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

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The South African Post Office has signed an agreement with the Mail Americas to give online traders much better access into all of Southern Africa, including rural areas.

The South African Post Office (Sapo) has suspended the mail service to Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Post Office said airmail remains available to 33 countries and surface mail to 51 countries.

“Customers who order items from other countries should include their cell phone number with their address details so that the Post Office is able to send them an SMS when the item is ready for collection.

“Customers who send items to other countries must make sure they do not send anything that is not allowed in the mail, which includes any arms, ammunition, explosives, liquids or items that could break and leak.  No plant or animal material may be sent to other countries.   For more information, please visit the website of the postal administration in the receiving country,” Sapo said.

The South African Post Office (SAPO) has announced the reopening of most branches that were temporarily closed following extensive negotiations with landlords. The branches will re-open on Monday and will be trading normally. “Customers are therefore welcome to visit these post offices for collecting parcels, paying car licences or doing other postal transactions,” SAPO said in a statement. Vehicle owners who want to renew their car license have to bring an identity document and a completed renewal form, which can be downloaded from the Post Office website: https://www.postoffice.co.za/. The form is under the domestic products button. “Post Offices are important access points for government services such as social grants. To eliminate long waiting times, the Post Office has introduced separate queues for different transactions. This also serves to eliminate crowding and ensures that COVID-19 regulations are adhered to,” SAPO said. The Post Office offers the most cost-effective delivery service for small international parcels and therefore plans to play a growing role in delivering e-commerce parcels. “Its network of outlets is one of the reasons it is able to offer a unique service, and the organisation intends to maintain its extensive network,” SAPO said. The following branches will re-open: Gauteng: Aston Manor; Belle Ombre, Pretoria; Fontainebleu; Hillbrow; Kelvin; Khumalo; Leondale; Moroke; Northmead and Three Rivers. Eastern Cape: Greenfields; Motherwell; Northcrest and Schauderville. Western Cape: Edgemead; Kleinmond; Mbekweni and Melkbosstrand. KwaZulu-Natal: Esikhaleni; Gillits; Impendle; and Overport. Limpopo: Enkelbult; Letsitele and Tonga. Mpumalanga: West Acres, Mbombela. Northern Cape: Hopetown. The Post Office said negotiations will continue with landlords of the remaining few branches that are closed. “They will re-open as soon as agreement is reached with property owners. This is expected to be within the next few weeks,” SAPO said.
The South African Post Office (SAPO)

The Post Office has encouraged customers to take care when packing items for dispatch abroad, as mail is transported in bulk.

“International items are delivered within an average of 10 workdays.  For a quicker service, the post office offers the EMS service, which delivers items within 24 hours of arrival in the destination country.

“Customers can easily access the electronic customs declaration form on the Post Office website for quick clearance of parcels.  The form is under ‘tools’ on the website www.postoffice.co.za,” Sapo said.

South Africans are entitled to two tax-free gifts from abroad per year, provided the value of each gift is below R1 400. 

More information is on the SARS website at https://www.sars.gov.za/customs-and-excise/sending-or-receiving-goods-in-the-post/. – SAnews

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