Home Crime Pair Sentenced to 37 Years for Stealing Streetlamp Wires in Gariepdam

Pair Sentenced to 37 Years for Stealing Streetlamp Wires in Gariepdam

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In a significant ruling, the Regional Court in Bethulie has handed down substantial sentences to two individuals convicted of stealing streetlamp wires in Gariepdam.

Martin Louw (29) and Zane Louw (31) have been found guilty of theft from infrastructure, leading to Martin Louw receiving a sentence of 22 years imprisonment, and Zane Louw being sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

The incident took place on August 29, 2022, when vigilant police officers on patrol discovered the accused in possession of copper cable.


Subsequent investigations by Centlec, the regional electricity provider, determined that the cable, approximately 23 meters in length and weighing 7.23 kilograms, had been stolen from street lights in the town of Gariepdam.

During the trial, an expert from Centlec provided crucial testimony that complemented the thorough investigation skills of Warrant Officer Izel Kruger and Constable Sibisiso Tshabalala, resulting in the successful prosecution of the two accused.


Police Spokesperson Captain Loraine Earle commended the dedication and expertise displayed by the investigating officers and highlighted their invaluable contributions to the case.

The theft of streetlamp wires not only poses a significant financial burden to municipalities, but it also compromises public safety. Without proper lighting, road users and pedestrians are exposed to heightened risks, including potential accidents and criminal activity. The severe sentences handed down by the Regional Court in Bethulie reflect the gravity of the crime and send a strong message that such acts of theft and damage to public infrastructure will not be taken lightly.

Local residents have expressed their support for the court’s ruling, emphasizing the need for deterrent penalties to prevent the recurrence of such crimes. They believe that these sentences will serve as a stern warning to those contemplating engaging in similar acts of theft and vandalism.





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