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OPEN LETTER| Urgent Concerns Regarding Eskom’s Privatization – Carl Niehaus

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Open Letter From Carl Niehaus , President of ARETA



Dear Mr. Ramaphosa,

This is an open letter that I have been directed to write to you by the participants in a regular Twitter (X) Space, called #InMyCrosshairs, where thousands of patriotic and concerned South Africans twice a week discuss important, contemporary, political and socio-economic issues that impact on our country.

#InMyCrosshairs is a public forum on the social media platform Twitter (recently renamed ‘X’), and as such as it is open to everyone who would like to join and participate in our discussions.

Although it is not an official organ, or mouthpiece, of the political party, the African Radical Economic transformation Alliance (ARETA), it is closely associated with it, and in most instances the views expressed on the Spaces reflect in general the views and policy positions held by ARETA. Myself as President of ARETA, is also the Host of #InMyCrosshairs.

In the instance of the subject of this Open Letter the views that were expressed last night on the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter (X) Space, and the views of AREA are one and the same, and as such I write this letter on the letterhead of the President of ARETA, in both capacities as President of ARETA, and as Host of #InMyCrosshairs.

Sir, sadly you, and your failed ANC government, feature regularly in our discussions, because of the disastrous consequences of your mismanagement of our economy, and our country in general. It is an understatement to say that you are responsible for the destruction of the economic infrastructure and social fabric of our beloved country, and the hopes for a better life that our children are entitled to.

Last night the topic of our #InMyCrosshairs Twitter (X) Space covered the recent letter by the Minister of Public Enterprises, Pravin Gordhan, (dated the 7th of August 2023) to the ESKOM Chairperson, Mr. Mpho Makwana, approving the ESKOM sale of it’s Distribution Company, and the ‘legal’ separation of it’s Transmission, Distribution and Generation Companies.

The Participants in the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter (X) Space expressed their utter dismay and outrage at this decision. It is evident that Mr. Gordhan is acting unilaterally, and without any legal authority to do so. Evidently his arrogance and hubris now knows no bounds!


No matter how one looks at Mr. Gordhan’s letter, and whatever propaganda spin is given to it, this is privatisation by stealth, and the use of the word ‘sale’ exposes his real agenda. Most disturbingly this letter evidently executes an earlier letter by Mr. Martin Kingston, in his then capacity as Chief Executive Officer of Rothschild (South Africa (Pty) Ltd.), calling for exactly such a roadmap to be followed to dismember/unbundle and sell various Eskom Divisions, as part of an overal plan to eventually wholly privatise Eskom.

This is an unmitigated disaster for our country, and the ultimate consequence will be the total loss of our National Sovereignty. It must be noted that no-one less than that ultimate incarnation of arrogant Western Imperialism, Henry Kissinger, stated: “If you want to control a nation, control it’s energy”.

The Participants in the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter Space were clear that this an untenable situation, which simply cannot be allowed to proceed.

It was noted that the ‘Top Seven’ Officials of the ANC had apparently summoned Pravin Gordhan to explain his arrogant and illegal letter. It was also noted that the Secretary General of the ANC, Fikile Mbalula, spoke with his usual forked tongue claiming that Eskom was “not for sale”, but that that the ‘unbundling’ process of Eskom was “long agreed on”.

One hopes – sadly against the overwhelming evidence of all previous experience – that sanity will prevail, and that the ANC ‘Top Seven’ will now finally grow some backbone, and immediately today stop Gordhan in his tracks. That you, Mr. Ramaphosa, will finally dismiss him from his disastrous tenure as Minister of Public Enterprises, scrap his arrogant, illegal, letter and stop any further sale of Eskom Divisions, and stop any other steps to privatise Eskom. Furthermore, that the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) be instructed by you, Mr. President, to investigate the evident collusion between Mr. Godhan, Mr. Martin Kingston, Rothschild, and others to illegally privatise any Divisions of Eskom, and the company as a whole, and establish what illegal, criminal, benefits they have already accrued, and still hope to accrue, through this rogue process.

However, with very good reason the fear was expressed last night on the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter

(X) Space that today’s meeting of the ANC ‘Top Seven’ will not result in any such necessary, and decisive, action, but that it will simply degenerate into a propaganda exercise to justify and legitimise Gordhan’s illegal action, and to spin and sugarcoat it. There is ample evidence that Gordhan has become untouchable in the South African body politic, and is a law unto himself.

You, Mr. Ramaphosa, constantly defer to him, and he is evidently part of the coterie of Puppet Masters that pull your strings.

In the very likely, but tragic, event that such a travesty of justice and farce will be the outcome of your meeting today with Mr. Gordhan, the Participants in the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter (X) Space have requested me write this Open Letter to you, and to include the links to the two parts of the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter (X) Space that was recorded:



May I recommend that you, and your fellow ‘Top Seven’, as well as Mr. Gordhan, listen to it.

Unlike the kind of mealy-mouthed mumbling that you have become accustomed to, because you, and your acolytes surrounding you, find it difficult to talk while you are eating, with your mouths always stuffed, some very straight talking was done.

specifically refer you to the very disturbing, but outstanding, detailed analysis by energy expert and economist, Mr. Tshepo Kgadima (who is also my Co-host of the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter (X)

Space), about the disastrous situation that we find ourselves in, and the final destruction of any hopes to ever be energy self-sufficient, and independent, that the privatisation of Eskom will result in. Listening to these recordings will for once confront you with the unfiltered truth, although I doubt that you are ready, nor prepared, to hear it.

I also refer you to my concluding remarks in the #InMyCosshairs Twitter (X) Space, in which I made it unequivocally clear that we as ARETA, and many progressive concerned South Africans, are not prepared to take this laying down.

Last night’s strong views, as expressed in the Space is a barometer, and must be understood as a clear expression of our intention mobilise and resist.

The die is cast! Tonight I will table a formal Resolution to the National Working Board (NWB) of

ARETA that we must follow the clear sentiments expressed by our supporters and members in the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter (X) Space, to proceed with decisive mobilisation and protest action against the privatisation of ANY Divisions of Eskom, and obviously also against the eventual privatisation of Eskom as a whole.

In my concluding remarks I promised the Participants in the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter (X) Space that as ARETA we will – as part of our ongoing engagements to forge unity among the left – reach out to all progressive political parties and civil society organisations to join us in taking all, and any, required action to stop the privatisation by stealth of Eskom, and to protect us against the REAL State Capture that now so fundamentally threatens the sovereignty of our country.

Mr. Ramaphosa, we do not want you to labour under any illusions, we want you to understand that with his Open Letter to you we truly throw down the gauntlet. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Now decisive action will be taken to stop the creeping rot that is destroying your country.

Yours sincerely,

Ambassador Carl ‘Mpangazitha’ Niehaus

President of the African Radical Economic Transformation Alliance

(Host of the #InMyCrosshairs Twitter (X) Space)


Eskom Loadshedding

Eskom Loadshedding











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Central News Issue 017: Download the latest weekly edition of Central News Print and Digital Newspaper. Top Stories : “NPA refuse to GIVE UP on embarrassing Nulane matter“

Central News Issue 017: Download the latest weekly edition of Central News Print and Digital Newspaper. Top Stories : “NPA refuse to GIVE UP on embarrassing Nulane matter“


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