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North West Premier Maape appoints experts to improve provincial SOEs

by Thys Khiba
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By Thys Khiba – North West Premier Kaobitsa Bushy Maape announced the appointment of panel of experts who are expected to assist the province to attract investors and drive the provincial economy to full recovery.

“There is a glimmer of hope in what we are trying to achieve. In the past few months, I’ve been crisscrossing the province speaking to different stakeholders on how we can Resuscitate the economy. All of them have made a commitment to work with us in achieving our intended objectives” said Maape.

The provincial government believes that SOEs can assist them in dealing with the provincial high rates of unemployment, address poverty levels and income inequalities.

It has been reported the province unemployment rate is currently sitting at around thirty-four percent (34 %). 

With the announcement of the newly appointed panel of experts, Maape plans to use SOEs to reposition the provincial economy ‘by partnering with various financial and commercial institutions to attract investments.’

“The panel will also be responsible to look at the status of the provincial State-Owned Enterprises and make recommendations to the provincial government on how these institutions can contribute in driving the provincial economy to fully recovery,”Spokesperson Brian Setswambung said in a statement.

There has been a call for government to divest or liquidate the SOEs that are underperforming and failing to meet their mandate in the country. 

Between 2019 and 2022, the SOE power utility Eskom received government bailouts – R230bn.

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana indicated the budget distribution model he oversees should be investigated, Eskom failed to meet its mandate of providing a reliable supply of electricity.

Amongst others things the panel of professionals from various academic backgrounds as well as industries and organisationsare appointed to advise government on the feasibility of resuscitating old and abandoned projects by turning them into mega projects, by ‘exploring and devising strategies in initiating new mega projects through various infrastructural projects.’

Optimistic Maape indicated infrastructure development in the province will be able to address to challenges confronting the province.

“Through this initiative we will be able to contribute to the province’s GDP and this will in turn create opportunities for upcoming entrepreneurs. Critically, this will put us in a better position to create jobs for our people so that they can be self-sufficient” said Maape.

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North West Premier Kaobitsa Bushy Maape



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