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Ngwathe mayor starts with allocation of sites

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By Thys Khiba

Parys – The Ngwathe Local Municipality led by the executive mayor Joey Mochela confirmed that they have started with the physical allocation of sites in towns where there are no challenges for physical allocation and water and sewer reticulation projects are completed by the department of Human Settlement.

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Executive Mayor of Ngwathe Cllr Joey Mochela

“The actual allocation started at Mokwallo from 26th July 2021 anticipated duration is at least 3 weeks, then the team will move to other towns. The allocation of sites in one town, will run concurrently with preparing site’s for the next town’s allocation,” Ngwathe Local Municipality Spokesperson Steve Naale said. 

At least five towns are expected to benefit from the allocation of sites. 


Ext 7 = 306 sites 

Ext 4 = 485 sites 


Ext 10 = 1 342 sites 


Ext 5 (part 1) = 1 700 sites 

Ext 5 (part 2) = 317 sites 


Ext 5 = 491 sites 


Ext 7 = 852 sites 

Ext 8 = 721 sites 

Ext 9 = 63 sites 

Ext 10 = 79 sites

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According to Naale, the allocation process will run until the department of Human Settlements has completed all infrastructure installations in all towns making up NgwatheLocal Municipality.

Mochela praised Ngwathe residents and community leaders who continues to cooperate with the municipality to ensure the smooth implementation of the physical allocation of sites. 

“COVID-19 regulations will be strictly adhered to during this process. Residents are further requested to advise the municipality of any unauthorised allocation as the municipal officials are the only ones who will be implementing this program.”

The beneficiaries are advised to visit the office of the regional managers in all the relevant towns or to contact the office of the Director Community Service or to call 083 790 7446 or 056 816 2700.



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