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Natasha Mazzone invites Julius Malema to a public debate

by Thys Khiba
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By Thys Khiba – The Democratic Alliance (DA) Shadow Minister of State Security, Natasha Mazzone has requested a public debate with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) President Julius Malema regarding his last weekend political views at his party’s third Western Cape assembly. 

“So, I realise this letter has been a bit long to read, but let me sum it up for you: I’m challenging you to a public chat, debate if you will, so we can clear up what you mean by all your threats and utterances,” said Mazzone. 

In an open letter, Mazzone promised to report Malema to the South African Security Agency (SSA) for alleged subversion, terrorism, sabotage and organised crime.

Mazzone indicated that she didn’t expect “the fire and brimstone” speech from Malema as he appeared to be “happy and relaxed” in Ibiza.

“However, you came back to South Africa and almost immediately started telling members of your party that you were going to seize power at any cost. You spoke about killings that would be inevitable, land that would be seized and how nothing and nobody would stop you,” Mazzone said. 

DA Member of Parliament Natasha Mazzone
DA Member of Parliament Natasha Mazzone

“Perhaps it was the reality shock of realising that the people you claim to represent will never be able to even dream of the excesses you so frequently enjoy.”

Mazzone questioned how Malema is going to seize power by using the EFF by-election results as example of why she believes that is impossible. 

“I need to know how and why you think you will seize power (by-election results are showing you are losing a lot of support), I want to know whose throat you want to slit and most importantly, I want to know why you talk about war and murder in what is already a volatile political landscape,” said Mazzone.

Opposition party’s national security advisor, Mazzone confirmed she wouldn’t consider the Human Rights Commission as she would send Malema’s speech to the SSA.

“I have given up on the Human Rights Commission as nothing happens there, I’m not going to lay charges against you, because it takes more time than I can stomach for investigations to take place, so I’m going to send the video of your speech to the South African Security Agency, which as you know, now falls within the office of the President.” 

According to Mazzone, Malema’s speech should be looked into under SSA’s mandate “to provide the government with intelligence on domestic and foreign threats or potential threats to national stability, the constitutional order, and the safety and wellbeing of our people.”

These includes areas such as terrorism, sabotage, subversion, espionage and organised crime. 

She believes that what Malema said to his party members falls within the mentioned areas. 

“I throw in “organised crimes” because I’m still waiting to hear what is happening with your bridge tender and the whole VBS saga.” 

In response to the open letter, EFF spokesperson Lee An Mathystold media Malema debates with his political equals and advised Mazzone to ask for debates with playmates in her whiteness league. 

“She can report us to whoever she wants. Unfortunately, even the descendants of the land evaders have these rights.”



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