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Mr Paul Mashatile, Ready for Governance

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By Michael Mayalo – OPINION PIECE  – As an youth activist and a social entrepreneur , it is up to me to be brave – like Paul Mashatile and take up the challenge to be ethical  while inspiring and motivating others around us. 

For many young leaders in South Africa, Mashatile represents the finest example of how a leader should contribute to transcending performance and service to others, well we have learnt while he was the premier of Gauteng Province. 

Mashatile was a member of the Congress of South African Students and co-founded the Alexandra Youth Congress, becoming the latter’s inaugural president in 1983, this gives a testimony to us that indeed he was a grounded leader and was part of struggle of South Africa towards its democracy.

Well what is the media’s narrative?

The “what if” game is popular with the media and the commentariat in South Africa. 

A popular example is “what if …” Paul Mashatile can be the Deputy President of South Africa. 

The year 2020 has been a very difficult year to Mashatile and the country, were he lost his loved once, despite this he stood firm and dedicated himself to serve the African National Congress and its members. 

We must always celebrate the leadership skills of Paul Mashatileas an activist of the ANC, who dedicated his youth and life to the liberation of young people  and South African people in particular.

Comrade Mashatile  is one of the leaders who came into administration and put a stop to manipulation of ANC processes and gate-keeping that seemed advance selfish and narrow personal agendas that was  unnecessary and anti-ANC.

Comrade Paul Mashatile speaks bodly on Isolation of any member from any programme or activity of the organisation. 

The characteristics of a leader define the path and destiny of the organisation the leader leads, Paul Mashatile leadership skill were put to trail as he had to assume a responsibility to lead the ANC out of ICU, under his administration he had made sure Regional, Provincial Conferences are taking place and the mandate of the organization is being renewed. 

In this regard i do move a motion and I have great confidence in the character of Mr Mashatile and he is ready to lead the country from a governance perspective, Anarchy today is the order of the day in all spheres of governance and in our day-to-day political life.

I am certain that if Mr Paul Mashatile can lead the nation, South Africa can be lead to the right direction 

The ANC still has an opportunity in the December 55th National  conference at to  self-correct, those few within the national executive committee who still believe in serving people with love, huminity and care.

Michael Mayalo
Michael Mayalo

Mayalo is the Executive Chairperson to Youth Business Chain / Youth Activist 

Micheal Mayalo Writes in his own personal capacity



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