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Mr Ace Magashule It Is Time You Take Your Own Medicine – Steve Tshabalala

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Unedited Views By Steve Tshabalala

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A humble leader is not the one who says so but is declared so by the people. You are not humble Mr Magashule but arrogant and full of hatred for black people of South Africa in particular those of the Free State. It is an open secret that we do have people who speak like ANC, who wear ANC regalia but their actions is that of the haters and they always dispense patronage and destroy every true cadre at their earliest opportunity.

These are the leaders who have forgotten the true north of their moral compass. As Secretary General you were supposed to be a unifier, not a moron who declare war just two days after assuming this important office in our organisation, the African National Conference. You gave your collective only five years and now you want to deliver to your oath of destroying this organisation of Moses Kotane, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Albertina Sisulu, Lillian Ngoyi, Charlotte Maxeke and many others.

Today you tell the people of South Africa about how revolutionary you were during your tenure as the Premier of the Free State. You simply forget that some of the thousands of comrades whom you have destroyed are still alive and can remind you of your evil actions. Let me be personal and narrate my own experiences of how brutal you are. I was amongst many comrades who fought that you should be appointed as a Premier. I was among many comrades who did not understand why Nelson Mandela did not appoint you as a Premier. Yes, I was among the bitter comrades who did not understand why Thabo Mbeki ignored you and never appointed you as the Premier.

Thanks to Jacob Zuma who finally appointed you in 2009 and your REAL identity was revealed. You did not waste time to embrace the white people and your office, as a revolutionary you claim to be, you constituted office with white and apartheid beneficiaries. Yes, Mr Magashule you even appointed a white person who did not have any clue about our national democratic revolution as your Chief of Staff. Unlike many of comrades whom you dismissed and sing in jubilation when they walk next to their shoes, you did not only protect these anti-revolutionaries but unleashed them to destroy your own people. I guess they still enjoy your protection to date since they are still intact and serving the current Premier. You were always happy to see those who oppose you being destroyed by poverty.

To show your passion in destroying comrades, even declared that the ANC will destroy them. On several occasions, I insisted that the ANC BUILDS and the ANC does not destroy. For that, you hated me, and used the state power to destroy me and also intimidate anyone who wanted to provide food for my family. You celebrated when I was in the process of losing my house, you ensured that I don’t get any employment despite all my academic qualifications. You unleashed those white people to drag my case for years because you knew I would get hungry and die as many did in Free State.

Yes Mr Magashule, you used the services of three senior councils to fight me when I could not even afford a junior lawyer. But today you claim to be a victim of those who uses state power, have you forgotten so soon that this was the medicine you administered to many comrades in Free State? You are a hypocrite and your revolutionary conscience has since left you if it was ever there. Free State is stuck with your proxies and you still control state organs through your proxies.

Those who oppose you are still unemployed because Free State province and municipalities are controlled to banish those with descending voice. Yes, Mr Magashule today even those who never bothered to have standard 10 have amassed riches and laugh at us as graduates. They drive expensive cars and stay in mansions.

They are not shy to take videos and showcase their riches to the world. Just to make your day, be informed that as I write this letter I am not sure where my next meal will come from, please Sir be happy and celebrate because your agenda of destroying black lives is indeed succeeding. Jump like a tennis ball knowing that you have turned our organisation into a pig that eats its own piglets. I have managed to escape your net Sir, though with so much pain and hunger and I pray for those still in your capture to escape sooner before they look like me.

In Sesotho, we say ‘leshodu ke le tshwerweng’ when we come across a snake we killed it even if the snake can tell us of other snakes in the veld and mountains. Going to television and tell us about many other snakes does not mean you are a better snake, sir. I will not celebrate but shed tears of joy when you finally show the ANC that you were never cultured in the congress traditions. Just a moderate heat you sing like a canary and expose yourself as the weakest Secretary General the ANC has ever had.

You claimed to work with Steve Tshwete and Chris Hani but your actions say something opposite. If you worked with them you would not run to media and vomit so much on the faces of ANC leadership. If you indeed worked with Chris Hani, he would have taught you that even when you face death, you remain loyal to the organisation. If you indeed worked with Steve Tshwete he would have taught you to be humble through your actions and utterances.

Please take your medicine sir, it is bitter but be a man and fall on your sword. There are many comrades who even today are suffocating and tired of being fatal weapons in your hands. These comrades want to breathe fresh air, they want to be renewed and spread love and peace. Stepping aside is the best decision you should take to also cleanse yourself. Allow members of ANC to act according to their vow, allow them to act independently and be members of ANC, not your proxies. What more do you still want? You have all the riches of this world, your children are super rich and you became the Secretary General of the ANC. Many humble leaders like Andrew Mlangeni, Kathrada, Oom Gov, Oom Stofile, Fezile Dabi, Kaizer Sibuthelo, Jackson Mthembu, Adelaide Tambo, Winnie Mandela and many others have departed without occupying the position of Secretary General. Looking at these leaders you will realise that these wen men and women of high integrity and continue to inspire generations and generations after them. So what else do you still want Sir?

I would ask you to show me, one business person that you have natured and built, I will also not ask you how Sedgars brothers and Guptas became millionaires, I will not ask about your children who are super rich, yes I will not ask why if you saw people breaking the law you kept your silence. As I said, sir, I will not ask you why you disrespect the ANC and its leaders by vomiting in their faces. All I am asking you is to take your medicine and allow the organisation to go through its painful yet important renewal process. If you love the ANC please allow it space to operate, if you love the ANC please don’t destroy it by entangling its leaders in your web.

Those who sympathise and support you Mr Magashule, they do so because only for two reasons. The first reason is that they either entangled and they share the agenda of weakening the oldest liberation movement. The second reason might be that they don’t know you sir and they think you are serious about the Radical Socio-Economic Transformation agenda. They also do not know that in the Free State we call you Chipiri because you always indicate right and turn left. You privately starve, destroy and humiliate a descending voice and claim to be simple and humble in public. Today your day has come and your reactionary element is emerging, you want to go down with the organisation. You mention the names of comrades unprovoked because you are dead inside and cruel to the core.

Please step aside Mr Magashule, you are not the only person elected by the conference. Did you ever look back and asked yourself, what happened to Pat Matosa, Paul Mahlatsi, Sello Dithebe, Charlotte Lobe, Sibongile Besani, Casca Mokitkane, Thabo Manyoni, Mxolisi Dukwana, Tom Letsoenyo, Vivian Mangwane, Darkcirty Molaba, David Mofokeng, Jeremiah Ndaba and many more others? Please sit back and be informed, YOUR DAMASCUS moment is here repent and let the ANC processes humbles you.

Steve Tshabalala is writing in his personal capacity.

“The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author. They do not represent the opinions or views of Central news

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