Home Crime Massive Sentence for Fraud Syndicate: Over 10,000 Years Combined

Massive Sentence for Fraud Syndicate: Over 10,000 Years Combined

by Central News Reporter
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Massive Fraud Ring Dismantled: 10,939 Years of Sentences Delivered

The South Gauteng High Court has delivered a cumulative sentence of 10,939 years to nine individuals implicated in a comprehensive money laundering, fraud, and forgery operation. This decision has been met with broad approval, especially from the top ranks of law enforcement.

Lieutenant General Godfrey Lebeya, the National Head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), expressed satisfaction with the outcome, highlighting the importance of holding those guilty of financial crimes accountable. “This sends a strong message that financial crimes are not to be taken lightly and that the perpetrators will face the full might of the law,” he stated.

Spanning 391 counts, the individuals were found guilty of egregious violations, including money laundering, fraud, forgery, and contravening several critical pieces of legislation such as those related to birth, death registration, and corrupt activities. It was detailed how, between 2009 and 2016, the accused were involved with entities registered under the Companies Act, manipulatively registering their businesses for VAT refunds which they were not entitled to.

The accused deceitfully claimed VAT refunds from the South African Revenue Services (SARS), submitting forged invoices to support their claims, which lead to the illegal acquisition of roughly R300 million. “The entities in question were dormant, with no genuine business activities during the claim period, thus unduly prejudicing SARS and, by extension, the South African taxpayer,” the DPCI explained.

Out of the initial 13 charged individuals, 9 faced sentencing; two unfortunately passed away during the trial, and two became state witnesses. The sentences announced were exceptionally lengthy, yet the court has decided on more rational imprisonment terms considering mitigating circumstances. For example, Jeremiah Nyasha Musiwacho Dube and Mavudzi Maxwell Ndlovu, both receiving over 3,000 years, will actually serve 65 years each. Similarly, less egregious roles saw correspondingly lighter but still substantial sentences.

The case, however, is not entirely closed, as Christopher Dube remains at large after absconding before his conviction, with a warrant out for his arrest.

National Hawks head, Lieutenant General Advocate Godfrey Lebeya
National Hawks head, Lieutenant General Advocate Godfrey Lebeya


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