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Mangosuthu Buthelezi, An Ambiguous Legacy in South Africa’s Historical Tapestry

by Lebona Lekoena
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Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the Traditional Prime Minister to the Zulu Monarch

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi


Opinion By Lebona Lekoena: The legacy of Mangosuthu Buthelezi, a prominent figure in South African politics and Zulu royal, is a topic of significant controversy.


His role in South Africa’s history is multifaceted, with many viewing him as a key player in the fight against apartheid, while others see his actions as divisive and destructive. This binary perspective has created an ongoing debate about whether Buthelezi should be celebrated or condemned.

Reasons Why Buthelezi Should Not Be Celebrated

Critics of Buthelezi often point to his role in the violence that plagued KwaZulu-Natal in the years leading up to the end of apartheid. He led the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), which was involved in brutal clashes with the African National Congress (ANC). Thousands of people died in these conflicts, which were marked by shocking levels of brutality and destruction.

Some argue that Buthelezi was an opportunist, using his political platform to secure his own power rather than working for the broader good of the South African people. His decision to participate in the Bantustan system, established by the apartheid regime, is often cited as evidence of this. Critics argue that by accepting the leadership of the KwaZulu homeland, he effectively legitimized a system designed to further the apartheid government’s policy of separate development.

Furthermore, Buthelezi’s controversial stance against the armed struggle and his initial refusal to participate in the country’s first democratic elections in 1994 have also been points of contention. These actions have led many to argue that he hindered, rather than facilitated, the end of apartheid.

Reasons Why Buthelezi Should Be Celebrated

On the other hand, there are compelling reasons why Buthelezi’s contributions should be celebrated. He was, without a doubt, a significant figure in the struggle against apartheid. Despite participating in the Bantustan system, he used this position to resist the apartheid government in ways that were often overlooked.

Buthelezi is credited with keeping the IFP non-violent in the early years of its formation, and he consistently advocated for peaceful methods of protest. His commitment to non-violence was instrumental in maintaining a degree of stability in KwaZulu-Natal during a volatile period in South Africa’s history.

Moreover, Buthelezi played a crucial role in shaping the post-apartheid political landscape of South Africa. His decision to eventually participate in the 1994 elections helped to ensure a peaceful transition of power and demonstrated a commitment to democracy. He was a key player in the negotiations that led to the creation of South Africa’s democratic constitution and served in post-apartheid governments, contributing to the political stability of the country.

Finally, as a leader of the Zulu nation, Buthelezi helped to bring the interests and concerns of South Africa’s largest ethnic group to the forefront of national politics. His leadership was instrumental in ensuring that the voices of the Zulu people were heard and their interests represented in the post-apartheid South Africa.

In Conclusion

History is complex, and the legacy of figures like Mangosuthu Buthelezi is no exception. It is possible to acknowledge both the positive and negative aspects of Buthelezi’s impact on South African history without minimizing or ignoring either. Ultimately, whether one chooses to celebrate or condemn Buthelezi is a personal decision that depends on how one interprets and weighs these different aspects of his legacy.

In the process of reconciliation and healing, South Africa is still grappling with the narratives of its past leaders. Understanding that these figures can embody both the light and dark sides of the struggle for freedom and democracy is essential. While it’s crucial to commemorate the significant contributions Buthelezi made towards ending apartheid and shaping post-apartheid South Africa, it’s equally important to acknowledge and learn from the areas where he fell short.

This balanced approach to assessing Buthelezi’s legacy does not mean that his actions are absolved or justified. Instead, it encourages nuanced and critical engagement with history, which is crucial for understanding the past and shaping a better future.

Buthelezi’s legacy is, without a doubt, a complicated one. His story is a testament to the complex and often contradictory nature of political leadership. It is a narrative marked by both triumphs and failures, and it serves as a reminder that the path to freedom and democracy is often fraught with challenges and that those who lead the way are, like all of us, human and flawed.

In the end, whether one chooses to celebrate or condemn Mangosuthu Buthelezi, his impact on South Africa’s history is undeniable. It’s these discussions and debates about our past that help us to better understand it and, hopefully, learn from it. The importance of engaging with our history, in all its complexity, cannot be overstated. For it is through understanding our past that we can hope to shape a better, more inclusive, and more democratic future.



Lebona Lekoena is the chairperson of the Free State Publishers and Editors Forum, and he writes in his personal capacity.

Lebona Lekoena

Lebona Lekoena



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