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Mabuza urges the older generation to teach youngsters about culture

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Deputy President, David Mabuza, has urged older people who have a lot of knowledge and other “living human treasures” to share their wisdom with the next generation by writing and speaking about culture to help keep it alive.

“The older generation should be able to impart their knowledge to the younger generation, and the younger generation should be open and willing to learn to preserve our culture and tradition for future generations,” said Mabuza.

The country’s second in charge was addressing traditional and Khoi-San leaders in Khathu, the Northern Cape on Wednesday.

Through these engagements, traditional and Khoi-San leaders have had the opportunity to make proposals to government on how to confront the challenges currently facing the nation and how they will contribute to making South Africa a better place for all.

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Mabuza urges the older generation to teach youngsters about culture 3

The Deputy President hailed Ouma Katrina Esau, the only remaining fluent San language speaker of N|uu, which is considered the original language of southern Africa.

“If she did not take drastic steps, we could have lost the N|uu language,” he said.

The President was speaking in his capacity as Chairperson of the Inter-Ministerial Task Team established to respond to issues raised by traditional and Khoi-San leaders.

“Katrina is working hard to save the language of her childhood from dying out. She authored the first children’s book published in the N|uu language.”

He has encouraged everyone to follow the 88-year-old’s example in protecting the country’s diverse heritage.

“Our tradition and heritage are our wealth, and we need to harness this cultural wealth by preserving it.”

He also told delegates that it was the leaders’ responsibility to identify, unlock and nurture areas of the economy that hold the promise of creating opportunities for the people to earn a living while preserving the country’s rich heritage.

“Your leadership as traditional and Khoi-San leaders is also crucial to the building of a cohesive, united, and successful society that is democratic in form and free of racism and sexism in all aspects,” he said, adding that the nation needs this to go forward.

Social ills

He also pleaded with leaders to urgently deal with the challenges of crime, teenage pregnancies and alcohol and drug abuse. “We must find practical ways to divert children from drugs and alcohol.”

Meanwhile, he said communities should be provided with skills, jobs, and extra-mural activities.

“We need to work together to solve problems like unemployment, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, inequality, poverty, and not having enough land for farming and industry.”

Mabuza said leaders needed to protect and defend children, youth, and women who are vulnerable to violence and drug and substance abuse.


“Moreover, we must address the marginalisation of those in rural and communal areas so they can access opportunities that are the fruit of freedom and democracy, as well as advancements in science and technology.”

He said government has plans to invest in the infrastructure networks of rural areas so that people can have access to necessities such as clean water and sanitation, electricity, and roads that connect them to places of employment, educational institutions, and healthcare centres.

“During our visits to engage with Traditional and Khoi-San leaders in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and the Northern Cape as part of policy in action, we have been encouraged by the sheer determination by all to overcome our prevailing challenges.” – SAnews


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