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King Mswati allegedly escorted by Equatorial Guinea soldiers after a major security threat

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Eswatini- King Mswati is allegedly escorted by soldiers from Equatorial Guinea after intelligence information emerged suggesting that there were rebellious soldiers within the  Royal Close Protection Unit(CPU) who were plotting to shoot and kill him.

Eswatini, a tiny Kingdom situated in Southern Africa is facing serious political tensions as calls for democratic reforms manifested into divisions within the security agencies.

The information regarding the security threat against the absolute Monarch reached the investigation unit of this publication on or around 29th June 2021 and has been subject of further investigation for the past weeks.

Furthermore, it has been disclosed that the King mentioned that he no longer trusted local security officers to be very close to him following the numerous leaking of classified information.

king mswati
king mswati

Army Commander Jeffery Shabalala declined to comment saying he does not discuss security issues with people who are not part of the State security agency.

“I don’t talk about security matters with anybody who doesn’t belong to the security forces” ,said the Army Commander in an earlier comment.

Questions were sent Government Spokesperson Sabelo Dlamini, however, he had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

One of the soldiers who spoke to this publication and was among those plotting to assassinate the King said even though the security has been strengthened, they will keep on monitoring the movements of the King until they get a chance as they are very close to him.

This publication gathered that some of the soldiers had their close relatives killed during the recent protests and this escalated the division within the army.

“We are monitoring this situation very closely, only one soldier can liberate the country. Mine-ke vele besengitinikele, nawenta lentfo lena, its possible kutsi nawe ungafa. Siyahlupheka, sifile tikweledi, and bantfwabetfu abaphile ncono ngoba tsine vele timphilo tetfu sewutibulele lomuntfu( meaning: I had dedicated myself into doing this but I know I might die as well, at least my children should live a better life. We are in huge debts, we are struggling”, said the soldier.

Other details of the plot by the rebellious soldiers cannot be revealed for ethical reasons as they shared the information with this journalist off-record.

It has been disclosed that on or around January 2021, an investigation was conducted by senior soldiers to ascertain how critical information was leaking from within the royal circles, some royal guards had their cellphones confiscated and were subsequently redeployed to work other barracks.

Reached for comments, Lucky Lukhele, the Spokesperson of the Swaziland Solidarity Network(SSN) said he was also aware of the matter adding that some Swazi soldiers were plotting a coup.

“Actually, the King brought in two groups of soldiers from Equatorial Guinea, one that was working with the security forces to kill Swazis and the other one that was escorting him. We gathered that some of the soldiers who are terrorizing the citizens were speaking English and that is unusual in Swaziland to have a soldier who can’t speak in SiSwati. So when royalty claimed there were mercenaries, it was actually the King who brought those people to kill the Swazis”, said the SSN Spokesperson.

A classified communication between Army Commander Jeffery Shabalala and other officers intercepted by this Swaziland News suggests that the Executive discussed the issue of a soldier based at Ngabezweni royal Residence who was believed to have participated in the recent protest and delivery of petitions @swazinews


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