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Julius Malema Accuses News24 Chief Editor of Conducting a Malicious Attack

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Julius Malema Accuses News24 Chief Editor of Conducting a Malicious Attack

Julius Malema, the leader of the EFF, criticized Adrian Basson, the Chief Editor of News24, for his alleged misconduct. Malema claimed that Basson stooped so low as to search through articles from 2011 in an attempt to attack him.

Adrian Basson, the Chief Editor of News24

Adrian Basson, the Chief Editor of News24


However, Malema asserted that he emerged victorious, as FNB Stadium was filled to its maximum capacity. In a taunting tone, Malema imagined Basson’s angry face on the screen, frustrated that someone he despised could draw such a large crowd. Malema also accused Basson of relocating from Cape Town to Johannesburg in order to plot against him.

Malema further claimed that Basson had been harassing the staff at News24, instructing them to find anything they could use against the EFF. Malema recounted an incident where Basson questioned his own employees, demanding to know who leaked information about his presence at the event. Malema insinuated that News24 employees were supportive of the EFF, expressing their discontent with Basson’s alleged racist behavior.

While some EFF leaders and members have called for the banning of News24 in their activities, Malema clarified that they would not ban the publication. Instead, Malema suggested that their success should be used to harass News24, inviting the publication’s staff to join in the celebratory festivities that the EFF organizes. In a final jab, Malema referred to Basson as a racist small boy, confidently asserting that he would never be able to defeat the EFF.

These remarks were made by @Julius_S_Malema during the @EFFSouthAfrica 10th Anniversary Closing Press Conference, held at the Winnie Madikizela House in Johannesburg.


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