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IEC Clarifies Election Results Dashboard Amidst Controversy and MK Party’s Legal Pursuit

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IEC Declares 2024 Elections Free and Fair Amidst Legal Challenges


Johannesburg – The Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has moved swiftly to address any confusion surrounding its National and Provincial Election results dashboard update. This follows heated discussions and some public confusion after last month’s significant elections.

IEC Provides Clarification

In a detailed statement, the IEC clarified the rationale behind the recent update on the Elections Dashboard. The electoral body emphasised its role in ensuring that the “regional strength” of political parties is accurately reflected.

“The Electoral Commission notes the conversation and some confusion with the update of the Elections Dashboard last week to reflect the total number of votes from the two National Assembly ballots and final seat allocation (out of 400 seats) for the 2024 National and Provincial Elections,” the IEC stated.

Highlighting the importance of regional representation, the Commission elaborated on the mechanisms behind the results dashboard update. “In the 2024 elections, registered voters received two ballots for the National Assembly elections: 1 National ballot and 1 Regional ballot. [The] 3rd election ballot was for the provincial elections. Just over 16 million registered voters voted, casting some 31.92 million ballots across the 9 regional and 1 national ballot,” explained the IEC.

This process, it noted, conforms to the Electoral Act’s prescriptions for calculating compensatory seats, ensuring a balanced representation based on both national and regional votes. “This is done to ensure that the allocation of compensatory seats takes into account the regional strength of all political parties – thus, meeting the proportional representation in general demanded by the constitution,” the statement read.

MK Party’s Quest for Justice

While the IEC was addressing dashboard clarifications, the uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Party, led by former President Jacob Zuma, announced its intention to approach an international court over alleged election rigging. This follows the MK Party’s unsuccessful bid to have the election results declared invalid in South Africa’s Electoral Court.

Zuma has been vocal about his party’s grievances, directing strong accusations toward the South African judiciary and electoral processes. “We will not have the South African judges doing so, judges who get angry and sentence you because they hate you. We are going to the judges who look at things and look at issues. We are going there,” Zuma proclaimed.

Allegations of Ignored Evidence

The MK Party has been sharply critical of both the IEC and the Constitutional Court, accusing these bodies of dismissing substantial evidence of supposed electoral fraud. “We presented concrete evidence to the IEC, showing widespread irregularities in the voting process and the voting system. It has all fallen on deaf ears,” noted an MK Party spokesperson.

Furthermore, the party alleges that the Constitutional Court’s refusal to hear their case is a major blow to South African democracy. “We’ve also tried all peaceful means to address our grievances, but all in vain. We’ve even approached the highest court in the land, but it rejected our pleas without even giving us a hearing, and they’re relying on technicalities while the democracy itself is being destroyed.”

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IEC Clarifies Election Results Dashboard Amidst Controversy and MK Party’s Legal Pursuit 3


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