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IEC Announces Deadline for Special Vote Applications Closing This Friday

by Central News Reporter
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The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has issued a final reminder that applications for special votes are drawing to a close. As per the recent announcement, all applications need to be submitted by tomorrow, Friday, 3 May 2024. This crucial stage paves the way for registered voters, with specific circumstances, to cast their ballots ahead of the official Election Day on 29 May 2024.

Special votes offer an essential provision for those unable to visit their voting stations on election day. The IEC has detailed several ways in which eligible voters can apply for a special vote. This includes utilising the secure online application form found at www.elections.org.za, sending a voter’s ID number via SMS to 32249 (with a standard charge of R1.00 per SMS) specifically for those planning to vote at the station, and submitting the required forms at local IEC offices for either a home visit (Appendix 1A) or voting station special vote (Appendix 1B).

But, time is of the essence. The IEC’s latest statement emphasises that Friday’s deadline is critical for two types of special votes. Firstly, for home visits designed for voters facing infirmity or those with impaired mobility, enabling them to vote from the comfort of their homes or place of confinement. Secondly, for voters who prefer to cast their vote ahead of time at their designated voting station.

It’s important to underscore, says the IEC, that there are no age-based automatic qualifications for a special vote. The opportunity to apply for a special vote is open to all voters, contingent upon meeting the Friday deadline.

As the election momentum builds, the IEC has already green-lit over a million applications for special votes, indicating a proactive response from the electorate. With the window for applications shutting imminently, the commission is keen to remind everyone that no late submissions will be entertained. Thus, registered voters who need a special vote for any reason should act promptly.

Scheduled for 27 and 28 May, from 9 am to 5 pm, both the home visitations and voting station early votes are set to take place, setting the stage for a smooth transition into the official election day.

Special Votes - IEC
Special Votes – IEC


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