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Home Affairs dismisses official

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A director who unsuccessfully facilitated the undue processing of permits for Gupta associate Ashu Chawla and others in Ethiopia and in the United Arab Emirates has been dismissed from the Department of Home Affairs.

Major Kobese, the Director for Appeals, was found guilty on three counts of gross misconduct in the execution of his duties in a disciplinary hearing that lasted five months.

“The first allegation involved him having exerted pressure on the officials of the department to process and issue visas and permits in breach of the applicable laws and/or regulations and/or standard procedures applicable within the department.

“The second allegation involved him having allowed outside and/or private individuals and/or interests to unduly control and influence him in the execution of his duties, which in many instances resulted in some visa applicants getting preferential treatment in respect of their applications.

“The third allegation involved him having engaged in grossly inappropriate conduct including paying a bribe,” the department said.

The dismissal is effective from Wednesday.

The department said the visas that he wanted issued, were not issued because officials based in these missions refused to be part of his shenanigans.

The Chairperson of the Disciplinary Hearing found that “given the core responsibility of Kobese, as a senior manager, to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and a high level of integrity and his complete lack of remorse, the conclusion which I ineluctably arrive at is that the employment relationship has been destroyed and dismissal is the appropriate sanction.”

Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, said the department is unflinching in its commitment to ensuring that it brings to a speedy end irregular practices and decisions by Home Affairs officials within the system.

“The outcome of this disciplinary hearing shows that there are many officials who continue to do their work diligently even when placed under pressure by their managers. It also shows that we are rooting out all forms of corruption, malfeasance and irregularities we find at Home Affairs,” the Minister said. –SAnews.

Home Affairs offices open during voter registration weekend

Home Affairs offices open during voter registration weekend


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