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Health MEC Tsiu Recognises Sacrifices by Frontline Workers

by Editor
the Free State MEC for health, Montseng Tsi

By Thys Khiba

Bloemfontein – As the world commemorate the 135th anniversary of International Workers’ Day, the Free State MEC for health, Montseng Tsiu has expressed her message of support and recognition for frontline workers who continues to serve in the department of health.

“Today, we express our solidarity with the many scores of health workers (public, private and non-governmental) who are in the frontlines of the fight against this global Covid19 pandemic. Our efforts are geared towards ensuring that they are well protected through the availability of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, appropriate machinery, medical equipment, medical consumables, appropriate infrastructure and supportive environments for them to take care of the patients that they are expected to serve,” said Tsiu.

Tsiu has confirmed that she will continue to lead from the frontline of the fight against Covid-19. The department of health in the province has also reminded the community members of Free State that the fight against Covid-19 is a collective responsibility.

“We must never be complacent as the Free State but ensure that we remind our people everyday and everywhere to do the basic things that are required of us. These basic things, if honestly practiced by all of us can prove to be the game changers – wash your hands regularly, sanitize your hands, keep social distance, use your mask and cover your nose and mouth, cover your cough with your elbow even when putting your mask on, avoid unnecessary travel and complacency during family gatherings, at funerals, schools and workplaces” said Tsiu.

It is now the second time, health workers around the world are commemorating May Day under the circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This day is linked to the struggles of the working class in their fight for better working conditions, fair labour practices, safety in the workplace, better pay and service benefits including eight hour work day.

Health workers around the world continues to work and serve by fighting the ravages of many known infectious illnesses and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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