Home Politics “Guptas Used Ace Magashule and Dumped Him Like a Condom” – ANCYL President Collen Malatji

“Guptas Used Ace Magashule and Dumped Him Like a Condom” – ANCYL President Collen Malatji

by Central News Reporter
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“Guptas Used Ace Magashule and Dumped Him Like a Condom” - ANCYL President Collen Malatji

ANCYL President Collen Malatji Launches attack on Ace Magashule, sparking backlash from supporters

The President of the ANC Youth League, Collen Malatji, has launched an attack on Former ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule accusing him of being used and then discarded by the Gupta criminal network, likening him to a condom.

ANCYL President delivers the closing address at the second leg of the ANCYL 26th National Congress

Collen Malatji

Magashule, who has been keeping a low profile and focusing on his new political party “African Congress for Transformation,” was reportedly seen campaigning in the Free State and Vaal area. It is unclear what prompted Malatji’s sudden and direct attack on Magashule.

However, Malatji’s remarks have not been well received by some, with one user responding, “You’re also a condom currently in use, as soon as some liquids get stuck inside you, dustbin will be your home.”

Others expressed their disappointment in Malatji’s choice of words, stating that it does not contribute to the development and unity of the Youth League. They also urged for a focus on more pressing issues for young people, rather than getting involved in older politicians’ battles.

Supporters of Magashule highlighted his new political party and his grassroots support, stating that he was elected by the same branches which previously elected Ramaphosa. They also emphasized that state institutions were used to force Magashule out of the ANC, prompting him to establish a new political party.



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