Home Politics Gordhan’s Retirement Amidst Energy Crisis: EFF Slams Legacy of ‘Destruction’

Gordhan’s Retirement Amidst Energy Crisis: EFF Slams Legacy of ‘Destruction’

by Central News Reporter
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PICTURE| EFF Spokesperson Sinawo Thambo and Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan

PICTURE| EFF Spokesperson Sinawo Thambo and Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan

Pretoria, South Africa – The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have openly welcomed the announcement on Friday from the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) that Pravin Gordhan, the Minister of Public Enterprises, intends to retire from active politics at the end of the current administration’s term. This comes against the backdrop of what the EFF describes as a tenure marred by high levels of electricity blackouts and strategic state-owned companies in disarray.

“Minister Gordhan has led the Department of Public Enterprises since 2018, a tenure that followed a string of other critical leadership roles he previously held in government since the advent of our democracy 30 years ago,” the department stated, acknowledging Gordhan’s long service and indicating his retirement plans are to ensure “a smooth transition.”

However, the EFF holds a different view of Minister Gordhan’s service. The party claims that Gordhan has left “a trail of destruction” in his wake, particularly criticizing his handling of Eskom, South Africa’s national electricity utility, saying Gordhan “spent the better part of his deployment at the DPE trying to dismantle the state electricity utility company into separate entities to hand over electricity generation to the private sector.”

“Since 2018, South Africa has witnessed high levels of electricity blackouts and interruptions because there was a deliberate effort to bring in independent power producers with their exorbitant prices,” states the EFF, accusing Gordhan of promoting “renewable energy scams.”

EFF Spokesperson Sinawo Thambo did not mince words, “The EFF maintains that Gordhan’s biggest fraud and corruption since his appointment at the DPE is the now wobbly and disfigured Takatso deal to partially privatise South African Airways (SAA).”

Thambo continued, lambasting Gordhan for the handling of Denel and the aviation industry, “As a result, Denel’s operations today are a merely insignificant part of the business.” Thambo asserts that the partial collapse of SAA and the rise of new airlines can be traced back to Gordhan’s policies, describing them as a blow to the nation.

“The EFF government will ensure that Gordhan is held accountable for the destruction and shoddy dealings, regardless of his retirement,” Thambo declared.

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Gordhan's Retirement Amidst Energy Crisis: EFF Slams Legacy of 'Destruction' 3


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