Home Local For the record, I reject that apology by a Murderer(FW De Klerk) and pray God doesn’t forgive him also! – Thamsanqa Godfrey Milela

For the record, I reject that apology by a Murderer(FW De Klerk) and pray God doesn’t forgive him also! – Thamsanqa Godfrey Milela

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For the record, I reject that apology by a Murderer( Fw De Klerk) and pray God doesn't forgive him also! - Thamsanqa Godfrey Milela

Written By Thamsanqa Godfrey Milela – As young as I am, I know through books, clips and documentaries what the Apartheid system did to our grandparents and our parents. Though today’s media which is still owned by white-minority wants to coin it as “The Era of White-minority rule” in order to cosmetize it, it was a brutal system which was unfair in a harshest way to the majority of the South African people(blacks).

Yesterday it was a mixed-emotions day for many of our black people, I’m not a racist but I will never forget how the white people never cared of our parents and grandparents during that period. It may not be all of them but majority of them, they still wish to return to those olden days because of their hatred towards the black people, hence even today they can call us monkeys.

I don’t know if I have to cry, cry the tears of joy or because I’m now at peace with the death of what many wants to make us believe  was a Saint whereas was a Devil or should I be happy that, at last God has served us with justice by taking the Devil’s soul to rest in P.I.E.C.Es.

He was evil! Yes I said it and I can stand on top of Table Mountain to say it to the world! For him to succumb to pressure in 1990 will never erase his close contribution to the Apartheid System since 1978 as a Minister of Social Welfare and Pensions under the Dictatorship of John Voster because their Apartheid system doesn’t allow me to call them “Presidents”!

We have abo Ruth First, Joe Slovo, Jeremy Cronin, Carl Niehaus and others who stood up against the brutal Apartheid System as White people and why he didn’t do the same if we are to celebrate him for changing after 12 years being in the system and ONLY succumbed because of the pressure in 1990?

I would be insulting the fallen heroes of abo Solomon Mahlangu, Hector Peterson, Chris Hani and others who died fighting that system which FW De Klerk was a direct key player if I can say I’m not happy, he is not different to anyone who killed our black people during that period, for him to not hold a gun and shoot doesn’t make him innocent as he was a leader who issued instructions for our people to be killed.

It is said one of grandmothers said after hearing of this evil man’s death “May his corpse get lost also at the mortuary”, we may take this as a joke but we don’t know the state uMama was in when she said that and why would a grandmother who made us to respect funerals so much say such a thing? This chap hurt, brutally killed and tortured our people, he doesn’t deserve any sympathy!

The negotiations we are made to believe were genuine between the African National Congress while Cde Chris Hani walked out of them, with him(De Klerk) and National Party delegation, were not voluntary but the pressure of blacks led by African National Congress were inevitable, therefore there is no need to praise a fish for swimming because it was either that or forcefully the country was still going to be taken as there was a growth of ethnic animosity and violence which was leading South Africa into a racial civil war.

I don’t know why these people likes to commend their own even for such brutality, the noble peace prize was misplaced on this man and I hate to say, I’m really worried by the people who awarded that man such a respective prize with so much blood in his hand for the killing of many of our people during his term and before as a part of what they called “cabinet” since he formed part in 1978.

I know it’s a must for him to get a State Funeral but I wish for once our President Cyril Ramaphosa would take our tortured, hurt and painful black people into confidence and refuse this chap a state funeral, he does not deserve it as I believe he doesn’t even deserve to go in heaven if it exists!


Former Apartheid President FW de Klerk, dies aged 85
South Africa’s former president Frederik Willem de Klerk arrives at a news conference one day ahead of the 13th World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates in Warsaw October 20, 2013. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/File Photo

I’m saddened that God delayed his departure, with the recent low Voter’s turnout, should he have passed on earlier, our black people who abstained from voting should have known how important was for them to vote and continue defending this hard-fought democracy because only now we even see the videos of him(De Klerk) apologizing. For the record, I reject that apology and pray God doesn’t forgive him also!

If we were to be made to believe “hell” exist, he should join all of his predecessors in Hell!

Thamsanqa Godfrey Milela is an Activist and a member of the ANC writing on his personal capacity…

** The views expressed here are not those of Central News.


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