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EFF Leader Julius Malema Accepts Electoral Outcome

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EFF Leader Julius Malema Accepts Electoral Outcome But Highlights IEC Shortcomings

Midrand, South Africa – EFF leader, Julius Malema, has publicly declared the party’s acceptance of the 2024 election results, stressing the importance of addressing discrepancies reported during the electoral process. Speaking at the IEC’s national Results Operations Centre in Midrand, Malema was resolute in his belief that while the irregularities spotted would not significantly alter the outcome, they should serve as a critical lesson for the IEC.

Acceptance and Criticism

Malema’s acceptance speech came amidst various accusations and discontent voiced by other prominent political figures. ACT President and former ANC Secretary-General, Ace Magashule, accused certain IEC officials and the ANC of vote tampering, describing the election results as “completely rigged.” Magashule submitted a formal objection to the IEC on Friday.

Call for Integrity and Accountability

Reinforcing the EFF’s acceptance, Malema voiced his expectation that the identified discrepancies would prompt the IEC to adopt more stringent processes. “It’s essential for the IEC to uphold integrity and address any shenanigans to ensure future elections are beyond reproach,” Malema asserted.

Coalition Talks and Future Governance

The EFF leader also hinted at potential coalition talks, expressing a willingness to work with the ANC to form a stable coalition government. “Our objective is to serve South Africa from 2024 onwards, but we are not desperate for positions and will not sacrifice our principles,” Malema stated. He added that those who failed to contribute to the EFF’s campaign would not be part of the upcoming parliamentary or provincial legislatures, regardless of their position on the initial list.

Reflecting on Party Performance

Malema attributed the EFF’s electoral decline partly to the rise of the MK Party, associated with former President Jacob Zuma. “The numbers reflect a transfer of support; many who initially backed the EFF were actually former supporters of Zuma,” he explained. This trend saw the EFF most likely losing its spot as the third most supported party to the MK Party, with over 98% of voting districts counted.

Principled Stance on Policies

Addressing the party’s ‘open border’ policy, Malema defended it against criticism. “Our commitment remains unwavering. The policy reflects our dedication to African unity, despite any electoral consequences. We will not compromise our principles to appease non-existent voters.”

Focus on Future Initiatives

Looking ahead, Malema outlined the EFF’s negotiation principles, which include amending the Constitution for land expropriation without compensation and creating state-owned entities, among other key policies. “These are our non-negotiable pillars. We will engage with parties that align with our vision for South Africa,” Malema proclaimed.

In closure, Julius Malema thanked the EFF’s supporters and volunteers, calling on them to continue the fight for economic freedom and social justice, ensuring the party remains a resilient and dominant force in South African politics.

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EFF Leader Julius Malema Accepts Electoral Outcome 3


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