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EFF accuses SABC of being biased towards their election campaign

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By Thys Khiba

Johannesburg – The opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) accused the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) of not covering their local election campaign. 

The EFF demand a dedicated SABC team to cover the EFF during this election period. 

“In a clear demonstration of bias by an entity that is meant to deliver news fairly across the political divide, the SABC led by its factional political editor, has decided to pack its cameras in the absence of an ANC elections campaign,” said EFF elections spokesperson, Leigh-Ann Mathys. 

The EFF says that this is a disgusting act which undermines the purpose of a national broadcaster like the SABC. The opposition party continued to accuse the SABC of being a mouthpiece of the ruling party, African National Congress (ANC). 


“It is only the EFF that has begun its elections campaign in earnest, holding numerous community meetings across the country, yet this has not reflected on the national broadcasters television and radio platforms,” said Mathys. 

The EFF said opposition parties must not suffer lack of coverage on SABC platforms because the ANC is ‘too preoccupied killing itself and rectifying its incompetence.’ The EFF said they will continue to address the SABC as a political party if they want to operate as a political machine.  

“The SABC must cover all political parties whose election campaign has begun, freely and fairly. Equal coverage of election campaigns is pivotal to a new democracy. The recent blackout reveals the SABC in its current state as fickle, dishonest and captured,” said Mathys. 

The EFF confirmed they’ll call for the removal of what they call compromised individuals whose partnership believed to undermine the role of the public broadcaster.

At the time of publishing this article, Free State Central News couldn’t get a view of the SABC news.


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