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EDITORIAL | Will Zuma’s views about Ramaphosa have any impact?

by Thys Khiba
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Former South African president Jacob Zuma speaks to supporters who gathered at his home, as South African court agreed to hear his challenge to a 15-month jail term for failing to attend a corruption hearing, in Nkandla, South Africa, July 4, 2021. REUTERS/Rogan Ward

Former President Jacob Zuma

It was obvious that former ANC president and former South African president Jacob Zuma’s views will make it to the national headlines for obvious reasons. Zuma served as the fourth president of the country from 2009 to 2018.

He is still respected and celebrated by some ANC members and opposition party leaders like Julius Malema, Carl Niehaus and Ace Magashule, for his political ideologies. For many years the dramatic old man has been portrayed and represented as a leader who stands for radical economic transformation (RET) that will change the lives of black people.

Following the headlines influenced by Zuma, the ruling party members reacted with divided views, as some of them are supporters of the current president [Cyril Ramaphosa] and some are unapologetic worshippers of the previous president [Zuma].

Politicians want their supporters to believe that Zuma is an enemy of “White Monopoly Capital (WMC)”, and Ramaphosa is a friend of WMC. For whatever reasons, some of these politicians believe that the ANC Commissions Report and Draft Resolutions Document under Ramaphosa administration are drafted and influenced by capitalists who do not have the interests of the majority.

After 64 years as a member of the ANC, Zuma announced that he will vote for the Umkhonto We Sizwe MK party in the coming elections of 2024.

But of course he had to support his decision of rejecting the ANC in the coming elections by producing a list of “the current pressing issues.”

He made the announcement at the Ipeleng Community Centre in Soweto in Gauteng on Saturday afternoon. Zuma indicated that the MK Party was registered with the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC).

To a certain extent, Zuma sounds and speaks like a leader who personally hates Ramaphosa for their own personal issues. The two leaders of the ANC have accused each other of corruption and money laundering. The fighting is more about who snatched bread from the other one’s mouth.

While they are coming from the same party that is struggling to deal with corrupt politicians, the two left the public with a question of, who is more corrupt between Zuma and Ramaphosa?

Zuma, who is also accused of corruption and state capture, has suggested that his party kept quiet when unnamed business people who were not ANC members bought the position of President at the 2017 national conference. The old man has also used the investigation of Phala Phala scandal as another matter to discredit the sitting president. Zuma also hates Ramaphosa for saying that their party [ANC] is accused number 1 for corruption in South Africa.

Like a crying baby who needs attention, Zuma is still hurt by how his political friend, Ace Magashule was expelled by ANC as a secretary-general. Many South Africans would also agree with Zuma when he says the country has been affected by the Eskom loadshedding which has ruined the economy. Under the administration of Ramaphosa, South Africa has been called a dark city due to Eskom power cuts.

“This could have been easily avoided by keeping the best management which successfully prevented loadshedding and adopting nuclear energy many years ago. Today we are told that nuclear power has suddenly become affordable,” said Zuma.

But the bigger QUESTION is that, can these brand damaging views affect the brand of the ANC – that has proven to be resilient.

Fewer South Africans trust state institutions says the 2023 SA Reconciliation Barometer published by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. But what is more positive is that the SABC and SARS got over 100% approval ratings.

The general lack of trust in government institutions is driven by corruption and incompetence. With Ramaphosa announcing that his administration will deal with corruption, 82% of respondents disagree with him and beleive corrupt officials often get away with it.


Thys Khiba is the Editor-In-Chief for Central News.

Thys khiba

Thys Khiba


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