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Edgar Legoale Foundation Kicks Off School Beautification Initiative in Parys

by Free State Central News
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Edgar Legoale Foundation Kicks Off School Beautification Initiative in Parys

The Edgar Legoale Foundation Launches School Environment Enhancement and Beautification Programme

The Edgar Legoale Foundation is proud to announce the official launch of the School Environment Enhancement and Beautification Programme in response to the call made by the Free State MEC of Education, Mr. Makalo Mohale, for the beautification and cleaning of school premises within the province. The programme will kick off today at Botjhabatsatsi Primary School in Tumahole, Parys, Free State.

This initiative comes after MEC Makalo Mohale fervently launched the campaign last year on an auspicious Friday, the 23rd of June, at Relebetse Primary School in the vibrant community of Phase 4, Mangaung.

Edgar Legoale, the man at the helm of the foundation, expressed his vision for the effort, stating, “Understanding the crucial link between a clean, inviting environment and academic success, the Edgar Legoale Foundation will deploy a dedicated team of young volunteers to revitalize Botjhabatsatsatsi Primary School over a span of two days or more.” The team, he mentioned, is set to breath new life into the school, focusing on various areas including the schoolyard, food garden space, and sports facilities.

The foundation’s mission is in synergy with the MEC’s objective to promote spotless environments conducive to effective learning and teaching. As made clear by the foundation, there is a wholehearted alignment with governmental efforts to enhance educational excellence within the province.

Legoale, speaking to the essence of the foundation’s commitment, reflected, “The foundation’s commitment is rooted in the belief that an inspiring school setting not only encourages learners to attend but also creates an environment where educators can perform their roles most effectively.”

Edgar Legoale Foundation Kicks Off School Beautification Initiative in Parys
Edgar Legoale Foundation Kicks Off School Beautification Initiative in Parys

He further emphasized the importance of sports in educational and personal development: “As an organisation passionate about youth, education, and sports, the Edgar Legoale Foundation understands that these initiatives are essential in motivating learners and providing them with the opportunity to fully engage in their educational journey.” He added that one of the primary goals is to revamp the sports grounds to make them pristine and inviting.

Last year, MEC Mohale encouraged all stakeholders to take an active stance in identifying and refurbishing school areas that were in dire need of a facelift.

Echoing Mohale’s appeal, the Chairperson of the Edgar Legoale Foundation underscored the need for community involvement, “It is of paramount importance that we take collective responsibility for the cleanliness and appearance of schools within our communities. By doing so, we are not only improving the immediate learning conditions but also instilling a sense of pride and ownership among the learners and staff.”

The foundation is extending its hands wide open to the broader community, inviting participation in this crucial cause. “Anyone wishing to join or contribute to the School Environment Enhancement and Beautification Programme can reach out for further information on how to get involved,” said Legoale, encouraging community members to step forward.


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