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Drip is not a Sneaker Brand, it’s an Athleisure Brand – Lekau Sehoana

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Written by DRIP Group Chairperson Lekau Sehoana – I should be doing this Workshop Live at a Venue, it’s quiet important to know what you buy, in terms of Brand.

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Drip Sneaker Brand

Drip is not a Sneaker Brand, it’s an Athleisure Brand. We call it the DRIP L.A.P, we’ll define those later on before Launch. But our Heritage is Sneakers.

Drip is not a Name of a Shop, it’s a Name of the Brand that has its own Retail Shops (Outlets).

The Strategy around getting our Products has never been Exclusive to Drip Shops. The Strategy is to Design, Develop, Manufacture, Market and Sell our Products to Customers Globally.

The Retail Part of our Business is to give our Customers an Experience, a Home where they can be at and understand fully our products.

Limiting our Brand to only our Shops, limits our Scaling of the Business and tapping into other African Countries and Globally actually.

Starting the Brand, we bought Trucks and Bakkies, we’re not a Logistics Business. We’re an Athleisure Brand and our focus is more on the core, which is the Product.

It’s good to own and have control of certain elements of the Value Chain like Logostics. But it gets tricky as the business grows and you end up focusing on Logistics and not the Core.

Ours is to have Partners in our Space that can distribute our Products. We’re not Retailers, we’re a Brand that’s Product Focused…

In our Space, Distribution is everything. We have done that for 3 Years ourselves, and we’re trying out other avenues of building through Networks of other Stores.

Nike in USA has 350 Shops, in a Population of 335Million People, which means there is 1 Shop of NIKE for every 957,000 People in America.

And they have 1046 Shops Globally. In fact, The Forschini Group has more Shops than Nike… TFG is sitting on 4500.

Fun Fact, Nike is 75 times bigger than TFG.

$150 Billion Business VS $2Billion Business…

The beautiful Story of Opening Shops during a Pandemic is Great, but we’re not a Value Fashion Retail Shop, we’re a Brand whose purpose is to create Products that can Solve problems through Footwear and Apparel Innovation.

Next time when you see a Drip at a certain Shops, just know. The Story continues…..

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DRIP Group Chairperson Lekau Sehoana


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