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Deputy President Mashatile Meets Business Leaders to Promote Investment and Partnership

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Deputy President Paul Mashatile

Sandton – In a pivotal gathering that looks to bolster the South African economy, Deputy President Paul Mashatile held an insightful session with over 50 top business leaders in Sandton , an event spearheaded by The European House – Ambrosetti. The interaction aimed to foster strategic ties between government and the private sector, driving conversations on economic growth and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Wednesday’s affair spotlighted a wide array of crucial subjects, ranging from the governmental economic agenda and urgent reforms to combatting unemployment and poverty, with a sharp focus on enhancing investor confidence in South Africa and encouraging foreign direct investments.

“The confined discussion provided an invaluable conduit for the business community to interface directly with Deputy President Mashatile,” remarked the Deputy President’s Office. Mashatile is reputed for his active role in attracting investment to revitalize South Africa’s economy, dovetailing President Cyril Ramaphosa’s concerted investment initiative.

Amidst the country’s ongoing socio-economic hurdles, Mashatile conveyed a hopeful message, underscoring the government’s commitment to realign the nation’s trajectory towards prosperity.

Central to the dialogue was the importance of public-private synergies, showcased by entities like the Southern Africa CEO Community – African Chapter, forging vital support networks for businesses including those in the underserved rural and township sectors.

The assembly carved out space for the government to absorb insights directly from business magnates, underscoring the critical areas earmarked by the government as key to the nation’s and communities’ future.

“The event also served as a cornerstone to consolidate government and private sector relations, grounding them in a foundation of mutual respect, and aligned interests and values,” the statement elucidated.

Consensus emerged around the necessity for expedited action on pressing issues that stifle economic enablers such as energy, transportation and logistics, crime, and corruption.

In concluding, Deputy President Mashatile called for a collective effort to navigate South Africa’s economic quandaries while simultaneously championing inclusivity and sustainability. “Through our joint endeavors, we can propel South Africa towards a more thriving and affluent state,” echoed Mashatile, setting the tone for an era of cooperative reform and advancement.


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