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Communist Party of China (CPC), The world’s best party

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OPINION PIECE BY MICHAEL MAYALO – As a Student in Department of International Studies from South Africa, enrolled in one of the best institutions in the world ranked #12, part of my program involves  research in Global Governance. 

Later this month the Communist Party of China (CPC) is expected to deliver its conference, were the party structure, policies and program of action is revisited and discussed by its members. 

Currently China is making nuclear power the foundation of it’s power generation capacity  – adding 51 reactors (and about 50GW of capacity ) already in service. In China nuclear power has increased significance due to a decision by the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party to improve the country’s CO2 emissions profile which has taken a beating in the western media.

China under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is the subject to more than one task groups to study the impact China will have and currently does have on the world which already is the world’s second largest economy and which makes the West very nervous.

The Chinese Communist Party has an efficient process to toascertain the next step in policy formation and implementation after decisions are taken at Party meetings.

The Party has two initiatives – the first goes under the heading “modern enterprise system” which in actual fact means restructuring  including reforms which include the severing of social service functions from under the SOE’s.  

The Second objective of the Chinese Communist Party is to remove itself from the SOE management whilst at the same time asserting its control in leading reform of SOE’s which is critically needed in Post-Covid world.

About 200 years ago Napoleon is reputed to have said let the Chinese sleep for if China awakes it will shake the whole world. This is in fact what is happening today – everything China does and here we imply the Chinese Communist Party does shake the world as China is fast approaching the American economy in size and is said to overtake America soon in a few years time. 

One of the major complaints by Western biased media has against China is that its phenomenal growth and development is sustained by cheap labour and al sorts of fantastic comparisons are made as to prove how a Chinese worker today get one third what a similar worker in terms of money value today was earning in Britain 230 years ago during the Industrial Revolution. 

The fact is that what the Chinese factory worker earns today has increased his standard of living by many times in comparison what he or she would have earned if he/she remained in the rural areas. 

The fact that they can support their families and have improved their standard of living is ignored by Western commentators in order to distort the magnificent achievements of the Chinese Communist Party. 

At one stage  members of the Politburo consisted all of engineers and it is no wonder that China has the most magnificent buildings testifying to the greatness of Chinese architecture and wealth. 

The CPC is well aware about the importance of road communication infrastructure and in the past had build the Silk Road and huge sailing ships 10 times bigger than the biggest ships build in Europe, It is estimated that thus far the major Chinese National Arterial Roads have saved China over 2 Trillion in costs of production and distribution as well as other services since 1978, Not only has the Chinese Communist Party realised the importance of national arterial roads criss crossing the country but these very national roads have become catalysts towards development of major new  towns along the these national arterial roads.

Space prevents me from elaborating about hundreds of achievements the Chinese Communist Party has attained for the people of this great country so blessed to be lead by great party leaders. 

Since reforms started in 1978 China has taken over 760 million people out of poverty a remarkable achievement where someone once remarked if you call all the electronic engineers together in America you can by fill a large hall , if you do that in China you fill 100 football fields because just in 2020 1,4 million Chinese engineers graduated whilst in America its about 125 000.

Furthermore if the world is really in a mission eradicate poverty, the CPC must be called to advise in putting together a progressive global plan. 

Michael Mayalo

Writes in own personal capacity / Executive Chairperson to Youth Business Chain

Michael Mayalo
Michael Mayalo


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