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Chippa United striker Rodney Ramagalela burnt house breaks his heart

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By Thys Khiba – Johannesburg – Chippa United football player Rodney Ramagalela got hurt after receiving calls in the early hours of Tuesday morning to inform him that his house caught fire and was burning.

“Obviously I am very hurt by this because if you come to think of it, it takes time to build a house,” Ramagalela said. 

It has been reported that the incident took place at around 04:30am in Mamvuka, Limpopo. 

At the time of the incident no one was found inside the eight-room house with a double garage and the cause of the fire is not known yet. 

“With a career like ours, to start again it’s a mission on its own. I am seriously hurt I won’t lie. But the most important thing is that no one lost their lives,” Ramagalela said. 

The Chippa United striker confirmed that at this point he hasnoone to blame or suspect as he was not there at the time of the incident. 

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“For now, there is nothing to suspect because I was not there. I will leave it to the law enforcement to do their investigations then we will get an answer on what happened,” Ramagalela said. 

“Apparently it took only 10 minutes for the fire to dispatch all over the house because my neighbours are telling me that there was no fire at 4:20 but at 4:40 the fire was all over the place,”Ramagalela said. 

This is a developing story.


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